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Robert Pattinson Relishes Kristen Stewart’s Contact-Lens Discomfort

Stewart didn't understand why her co-star complained about his 'Twilight' vampire contacts until she had to wear her own.
By Kevin P. Sullivan, with reporting by Josh Horowitz

Robert Pattinson in "Breaking Dawn"
Photo: Summit Entertainment

Aside from ending what has been roughly five years of hard work and incredibly pale skin, "Breaking Dawn" brought a different type of satisfaction to Robert Pattinson. The end of the "Twilight Saga" meant that his co-star Kristen Stewart would finally understand the pain he's had to endure the entire time they've spent shooting the films.

It's not a great spoiler to say that Stewart's Bella will become a bloodthirsty, red-eyed vampire at some point during the two-part finale, whose first installment opens on November 18. This has been a long time coming for Bella, the fans and, it turns out, Pattinson.

Getting into character meant a change of eye color for Stewart and some vindication for her co-star. In the nicest way possible, Pattinson explained to MTV News' Josh Horowitz that knowing Stewart would have to experience the discomfort of his vampire contact lenses was "a great feeling."

Stewart had her own set of contacts to wear as the human version of Bella to turn her eyes brown, but those apparently did not hurt, unlike the gold contacts that Pattinson had worn since the beginning of the series. "She's like, 'I wear contact lenses. Why do you always complain about yours?' " Pattinson said.

When Stewart finally did change into her vampire eyes, Pattinson got what he had been waiting for. "When she finally wore them and then was complaining about them every second of the day," he admitted, "it was kind of satisfying."

Check out everything we've got on "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1."

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Sinead O’Connor: Suicide Report Was ‘Bulls–t’

Sinead O'Connor has disputed a report that she was again threatening to commit suicide. On Thursday, Chicago police were contacted by Irish authorities who relayed concerns after O'Connor had told her family in Ireland that she was going to jump off a Chicago bridge, TMZ reported. However, by Friday morning, O'Connor refuted the suicide report by posting about Brexit on Facebook.

The singer wrote that the latest police investigation was the result of "false and malicious gossip." After celebrating the theory that the Brexit decision would result in an independent Ireland, O'Connor wrote of Thursday's suicide report. "Oh and by the way it's bullshit I jumped off a bridge, some stupid bitch up at Swords Garda station decided she'd like to throw a bit of false and malicious gossip about is all." Swords Garda is a police station in Dublin.

O'Connor's emotional wellbeing, as well as an ongoing rift with close family members, has become headline fodder in recent months as the singer continues to air her personal problems on public forums like Facebook.

In November, the "Nothing Compares 2 U" singer first publicly threatened to commit suicide in a lengthy, despondent note where she claimed to have "taken an overdose." Six months later, on May 16th, Chicago police issued a "missing suicidal" report on O'Connor after the singer went missing following a long bicycle ride. That report came after O'Connor posted on Facebook alluding to a legal situation involving her sons.

Hours after police began searching for O'Connor was found "safe and is no longer listed as a missing/endangered person," Wilmette Police said at the time.

Prince to Judith Hill After Overdose: ‘I Had to Fight for My Life’

Singer and Prince protégée Judith Hill was on Prince's private jet when it made a fateful emergency landing on April 15th due to him losing consciousness, just six days before the icon died.

In an interview with New York Times, Hill opened up about the experience. "His eyes fixed," she said of the singer as they made their way from two performances in Atlanta, which turned out to be Prince's final two performances, back to Prince's Paisley Park in Minneapolis. Hill said she was only one of two passengers besides Prince. Friend and longtime aide Kirk Johnson was also aboard the plane.

Hill told the outlet that had she not been looking at Prince at the time, she may have thought he had fallen asleep. When she and Johnson found Prince unresponsive, they notified the pilot. "We knew it was only a matter of time; we had to get him down," she recalled. "We didn't have anything on the plane to help him."

The plane made an emergency landing in Moline, IL, where they were met by an ambulance. Prince was given a shot of Narcan while on the tarmac, a treatment often used for opioid overdoses. Hill said that by the time they arrived at Trinity Moline Hospital, Prince was awake and speaking. She said she didn't know at the time what had caused his medical issue. When the news initially broke, it was reported that Prince was suffering from the flu. In retrospect, it was the first public sign of a possible prescription drug addiction.

Hill, who starred in 20 Feet From Stardom, first met Prince after she revealed in an interview around the time the movie was released in 2013 that her dream collaborator was Prince. He apparently saw the interview, reached out and by 2014 they were working on her song "Back in Time." He co-produced her 2015 debut album of the same name.

Though she said that she spent the last two years of her life with him, she maintained that Prince had never disclosed that he was in any pain. She said "he was quick on his feet. Never said anything, that this is hurting, never a sign of struggle. That's why it's all very shocking."

While Hill did not get into specifics about Prince's medical treatment while in Moline, she did reveal that she and Johnson remained by his side throughout the night and Prince was "very cooperative" and "serious about getting help."

After their ordeal, the crew departed the next morning and she returned to Los Angeles. But, she said, she was still concerned for his well being and she alerted others of the situation. In the end, friends contacted an addiction specialist, Dr. Howard Kornfeld. Prince took other steps to get help, including undergoing a battery of tests through a local physician. "And that's the part that breaks my heart, because he was trying," Hill said.

Hill found out about Prince's death on the morning of April 21st through friends' texts.

In the hospital, he had told her, "It's only by God's grace that I'm even here." She remembered, and said he added, "I had to fight for my life. I remember hearing your voices from afar and saying to myself, 'Follow the voices, follow the voices, get back in your body, you gotta do this.' And he said it was the hardest thing he'd ever done, to get back into his body like that."

Chad Smith on Writing New RHCP LP ‘From Thin Air,’ Befriending Will Ferrell

When Chad Smith joined the Red Hot Chili Peppers in 1988 he had little reason to think it was a long-term proposition. The group had been through three drummers in the previous five years, and guitarist Hillel Slovak had died months earlier. "I remember right after I joined we did a photo shoot for Spin or something," Smith tells Rolling Stone. "I'm standing on a rock somewhere in Malibu with a sock on my dick and I'm like, 'I wonder how long this is gonna last? I don't know about this, but it seems like something to do right now.'"

It's 28 years later and the group is still going strong, and on Friday they released their new album The Getaway. We talked with Smith about the new LP, RHCP's ongoing world tour, the status of Chickenfoot and his new comedic partnership with celebrity look-alike Will Ferrell.

I've really been enjoying the new album
You're a man of good taste!

How did the process begin?
Well, we wrote some songs for probably nine months, which we normally do, and we were getting ready to record when my man Flea broke his arm snowboarding. So everything ground to a halt. He really did a number on himself. It took six months to heal. During that time we kind of reassessed our approach. Brian "Danger Mouse" Burton said to us, "I love your songs. I can help make them better, but if you really want to use my talents, you should go into my studio and just write a bunch from scratch."

At first we were like, "Wait a minute. ... I don't know. We've done this for a long time and it seems to work." But once we embraced it and were open to this new way to grow and change we were really able to challenges ourselves, and thank God we did because we came up with another batch. Probably six of the 13 songs on the record are the ones that we wrote with Brian in the studio, and the ones we had from before he helped us make them better.

How did the idea of working with Danger Mouse first come up?
We know him and the bands he's worked with. We actually toured with Gnarls Barkley. Our guitar player Josh [Klinghoffer] was their keyboardist when we toured together. We had mutual friends and when his name came up we were like, "Yeah, let's talk to Brian." It was pretty simple.

How was his process different from other producers that you've worked with in the past?
He comes from a hip-hop, for lack of a better word to describe it, process where you start with a beat. We would just listen to different kinds of music and come up with stuff we both sort of liked, a vibe or whatever, and then I would go in and just play the drums. We'd go back and forth on suggestions, and then it would get laid down. Then Flea would come and play the bass on that. And then Josh would come in and play keys or guitar or whatever we needed. We sort of built it like that.

That's way different than anything we've ever done before. We were just starting out from thin air here and it was wild. Eventually we were like, "This is great. It's different, but it still sounds like us." Brian was so excited about it, and it just took off from there. He's in there from 11 in the morning until 11 at night. Rick [Rubin] doesn't really like to spend as much time in the studio. He'd be there for tracking and vocals, but Brian has a studio tan, as they say.

"Rick [Rubin] doesn't really like to spend as much time in the studio. He'd be there for tracking and vocals, but [Danger Mouse] has a studio tan, as they say."

Did you record a lot more songs than wound up on the album?
Yeah, we always do. We probably recorded over 20 songs. That always happens to us. Brian was really fighting for a short album. He's a believer in keeping it to 45 or 50 minute since attention spans are shorter now. We were like, "That's great, but this song has to be there." So we all agreed on about nine, and then the last four, everyone lobbied for their favorite song. We got it down to a whopping 13, which I think works. Everyone is pleased with the selections they made.

Do you see a theme to the lyrics? A lot of them seem to be about heartbreak.
Yeah. Well, I don't want to speak for Anthony [Kiedis], but I think you're right. There's other things, like "The Longest Wave." I'm sure there's a deeper meaning than surfing. "Detroit" is a love ode to the great city of Detroit. There's some other things, but yeah, I would say it's a lot of relationship stuff, sure. You break someone's heart and ... yeah.

You were just breaking in a new guitarist on the last record. The group must feel more comfortable this time around.
Josh is much more comfortable. He's a good part of this album, and he's a dedicated musician. We're lucky to have him. And I'm not the new guy anymore! I was the Ron Wood of the Peppers for 27 years. We've toured and played a lot of music in the past five or six years, and that makes a big difference, for sure.

You guys played a bunch of shows before the album came out. What was that about?
We kind of had to give ourselves a deadline. Our manager was like, "OK, summer is coming up. Are we gonna have an album?" And we were like, "Yeah ... I think so!" He was like, "OK, we gotta start booking these shows six months in advance and people want to know about festivals and whatnot." So we told him, "Yeah, we should have an album by June." We gave ourselves that deadline. Then it was rushed in that typical last-minute thing when you have a deadline. But we're super excited to go play these songs and bust them out live for people.

Fans were shocked to hear "Aeroplane" earlier this year.
Yeah, we're doing it. I think we worked up "My Friends" from the bastard album we never played. No one had a real connection to that one. Josh is like, "I don't care. I like it, man." And you gotta switch it up. We're going to play some older ones, stuff off the first album. We're playing "Nobody's Weird Like Me" from Mother's Milk. We're delving into our back catalog a bit. It's gonna be tough to figure out which new ones we can do. We can't do them all. We'll figure it out and keep 'em rotating.

You've got a ton of festival dates. When are you going to do a proper headlining tour in America?
We're doing all European festivals now, and then Korea and Japan and maybe a couple Canadian dates. Then in September we'll start our indoor arena tour in Europe until the end of the year. We'll be in North America next January.

I talk to some bands that have just given up on the album as an art form. You guys clearly really believe in it, though.
Absolutely. We might be old school, but my favorite artists make albums. And I think these songs are a collection of songs that deserve to be together. We wrote them all at the same time. It's a little snapshot of where the band is now. I hope people will listen to it in its entirety. It's a very satisfying experience.

Do you think that Chickenfoot are ever going to tour again?
We just played a few weeks go up in Tahoe, but everyone has different things going on. Sam [Hagar] has his own thing with Mike [Anthony] and Joe [Satriani] is on his own tour. We really enjoy playing together, but with my schedule I don't see us playing too much. I would love to make some new music with those guys, but we'd have to be in the same room at the same time. I just don't know. It's up in the air. I love playing with those guys, though. It's a real treat.

I spoke to you five years ago and you barely knew Will Ferrell at the time. Since then you guys have become this amazing new comedy duo.
[Laughs] I don't know if we're going to be making Step Brothers 2 together. But who knew that people would go so crazy for two guys who kind of look like each other and did some kooky drum-off on television. It turned into this big thing and so we were like, "Let's do some good with this."

We did this event at the Shrine recently and raised money for two great causes. He got his comedic pals to show up and I brought in the music and the drummers. It was really fun. He's amazing, even though I lost the drum-off again. I'm like the Washington Generals of the drum-off. I'm never gonna win, no matter what. He brought in Mick Fleetwood and the USC Marching Band. That's not fair!

That is unfair.
It's bullshit! I had Stewart Copeland and Tommy Lee, Taylor [Hawkins] from the Foo Fighters. I had a good team. ... But it was fun. So, who knows? We might do it again. It's just great that a couple of guys that happen to look like each other can raise millions of dollars.

Do you ever talk to John Frusciante?
I haven't. Once in a while, he'll send me a text or an e-mail or something. I know Flea saw him recently and they hung out. But I haven't had much contact. He's doing his thing. I love John. He's one of the most amazing musicians I've ever played with. I'm so fortunate he was in our group. But I think he's happy doing his own thing, what he wants to do, and that's great. I want him to be happy.

The band was great before him, and it's been great since he left.
As long as we keep doing it because we love it, and we play from our hearts and everyone wants to do it for the right reasons, we'll keep playing. What else am I gonna do? I'm 54 years old. I'm a professional musician. I'm not gonna start working at McDonald's or a law firm or rob a bank. This is what I'm going to do. We're all so fortunate we're able to do what we love and what we're passionate about. We make music, travel around and people still want to see us. Today it was like, "You've added a third night in Paris and two in Budapest and Helsinki's sold out." It's amazing to me. I'm like, "Holy shit. This is fantastic." I've got the best job in the world.