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Teen Mom’s BF — Can I Drop ‘No Contact’ Order?

Filed under: Gary Shirley, Amber Portwood, Celebrity Justice, Teen Mom

Amber Portwood 's baby daddy Gary Shirley is "interested" in getting Amber's "no contact order" dismissed ... and he's already reached out to the court to make it happen ... TMZ has learned. Law enforcement sources tell us Gary called court officials… Read more

FBI Contacted Over Threats to Lindsay Lohan

Filed under: Dina Lohan, Sam Lutfi, Lindsay Lohan, Celebrity Justice

TMZ has learned ... the FBI is now in possession of threatening and harassing messages sent to Lindsay Lohan and other members of her family. As we first reported, Lindsay has been receiving a variety of ominous messages ... some of which her people… Read more

Capri Anderson’s Lawyer Contacts Sheen’s Attorney

Filed under: Charlie Sheen, Capri Anderson, Celebrity Justice

TMZ has learned ... Capri Anderson 's lawyer has already contacted Charlie Sheen 's attorney who specializes in settling messy situations with celebrities -- but Capri's attorney got an icy response. Sources connected with Capri Anderson , aka Christina… Read more

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Watch Steve Angello’s Nostalgic New ‘Remember’ Video

Former Swedish House Mafia member Steve Angello releases his solo debut, Wild Youth, on January 22nd, but fans can access Chapter 1 — consisting of half the album's tracks — today on iTunes. Accompanying the partial LP rollout is a new video for Wild Youth's third single, "Remember," which dropped in October and features Australian EDM duo the Presets. The clip features three young boys on an ominous Stand by Me–esque camping trip in the woods, and culminates in a foreshadowing of Angello's musical career.

"Wild Youth is the soundtrack of my life," Angello told Rolling Stone in a statement. "It's based on a true story — honest, naked and the most exposed I’ve ever been. The visuals go hand in hand with the music and everything I’ve tried capturing can be seen and heard. Substance and honesty have been the most important in this 3 year journey! I never thought I'd make it through the self discovery stage but here it is! Enjoy."

Angello described Wild Youth as "a little darker" than his prior work and "a little melancholy" in a prior RS interview. "No song is an attempt to create a pop record," said the producer. "This is just straight-up vibes and unorthodox arrangements."

In advance of the album, Angello will appear at Contact Winter Music Festival, taking place in Vancouver on December 26th and 27th.

12 Nastiest Things Former GN’R Bandmates Have Said About Each Other

Rumors about a Guns N' Roses classic-lineup reunion are again swirling, fueled by a series of cryptic dispatches from the band's official Twitter and a dubious claim made by a former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star. The latest wave of speculation follows August reports that Slash and Axl Rose had mended their longstanding rift. While bands get back together every year, the prospect of a GN'R reunion seems especially noteworthy, mainly because of how much acrimony has brewed between the former members since their piecemeal mid-Nineties breakup. Here, we offer a refresher course on the worst of GN'R's interband mudslinging.

1. "Personally I consider [Slash] a cancer and better removed, avoided — and the less anyone heard of him or his supporters, the better." —Axl Rose, during a post–Chinese Democracy interview in 2009.

2. Duff is "spineless"; Slash "hates Matt Sorum" —Slash, quoted by Rose in the singer's account of a purported early morning visit to Rose's house the guitarist made in 2005.

3. "Our roadies would stand behind Izzy's amps, 'cause Izzy would be so whacked of his mind that he would basically be playing a different song in a different key, and the only way we could do the songs is, every time he would go to his amps, he would turn his amps up and he would turn around, to the crowd. When he would turn around to the crowd, the roadies would reach around and turn his amps back down so that we could play the song." —Axl, onstage in Boston in 2002.

4. "That's it, I'm done with him; I'm never mentioning him or talking about him again." —Steven Adler on Rose to Rolling Stone in 2012.

5. "That's been 13 years since I've played in that band, and I've done five, six albums since I played in that band and 10 tours, and Axl hasn't done shit, so I don't know what to tell you." —Sorum, when asked about GN'R reunion rumors in 2007.

6. Sorum was a "former employee" —Rose, in a 1999 statement concerning GN'R's contribution to the End of Days soundtrack.

7. "I don't see Axl, though. I don't see 'Asshole.'" —Adler, when asked about his contact with former bandmates in 2005.

8. "He's in my ass — that's where Slash is." —Rose, onstage in Leeds in 2002, in response to a fan's "Where's Slash?" shirt.

9. "Well, you know, spontaneity and rock & roll go together. And chemistry. It comes back to the old adage: If it takes you more than five minutes to write a song, then just scrap it. I don't know. Axl Rose is a very, very fickle guy, and he changes his mind all the time. So who knows?" —Duff McKagan, when asked about Rose's notoriously long-gestating Chinese Democracy in 2005.

10. "Oh, those memories are tarnished. They've been tarnished for a long time." —Adler, when asked to reflect on his time in GN'R in 2009.

11. "Neither former members, label representatives nor the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame should imply whether directly, indirectly or by omission that I am included in any purported induction of 'Guns N' Roses.'" —Rose, declining his Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction in 2012.

12. "He's insane — that's it. The bottom line — the fucker's insane. I said it. OK, fine, fuck me. I said it — he's insane. I try and try to be fucking so cool about him ... I swear to God, he's a nutball." —Adler, when asked about Rose's current GN'R lineup in 2010.

Demi Lovato, Sleigh Bells Spar Over Alleged Sample

Demi Lovato's "Stars," a bonus track on deluxe editions of the singer's latest LP Confident, has come under scrutiny after Sleigh Bells claimed it contained illegal samples of two tunes off the noise-pop duo's 2010 debut, Treats. "Flattered you guys sampled 'Infinity Guitars' and 'Riot Rhythm' for 'Stars' but we were not contacted," Sleigh Bells tweeted at Lovato on Monday. "Gotta clear those."

The song's producers tell Rolling Stone, though, that it wasn't the case. "We did not use any samples in Demi Lovato's song 'Stars,'" Carl Falk and Rami said in a joint statement. "Demi was also not involved with the production. She only wrote top line."

But Sleigh Bells have remained adamant in their assertion. "I can confirm that the band feels their music has been sampled without proper clearance and are seeking all available remedies with [Lovato's record label] Island Records," the group's rep tells Rolling Stone.

Lovato herself declined a request for comment.

Sleigh Bells did not reply to Rolling Stone's request for which specific musical elements the group felt were sampled. Lovato's tune features a hopeful chorus and a mix of buoyant keyboards and buzzy, atmospheric sections of generally traditional pop. Sleigh Bells' "Infinity Guitars" contains a hand-clap rhythm that sounds similar to some of the textures in "Stars," while "Riot Rhythm" features more echoey drum beats containing a similar reverberation to the Lovato tune.

Lovato, a former Disney star, put out Confident in mid-October, with the record debuting at Number Two. The singer will embark on a North American tour to support the record next summer along with another ex–Disney star attempting to break free from his former kid-like image: Nick Jonas.

Sleigh Bells have been largely inactive this year, having played only a couple of dates. The duo issued its most recent LP, Bitter Rivals, in 2013.

Kanye West, Hype Williams Accused of Plagiarism by Director Gaspar Noe

Kanye West and Hype Williams have again been accused of ripping off the surreal club and drug fantasy film Enter the Void in the "All of the Lights" video, this time by the film's director Gaspar Noé.

In an interview with the Daily Beast, Noé said he was never consulted by West or Williams during the making of the video. Instead, he discovered the similarities between the strobe-like title sequence of his 2009 film and the 2011 music video when the latter arrived on YouTube (a side-by-side comparison can be watched here).

"I was more shocked by the fact that that guy who copied all the typography of my titles put his name in it — Hype Williams — when you never usually see a director's name in a music video," Noé said. "He was putting his name on it over and over! It was so weird that he was not only copying it, but adding his name into the credits over and over again."

While this is the first time Noé has addressed the "All of the Lights" video, Tom Kan, the person who designed the title sequence for Enter the Void, said in 2011, "I was amused that my work was being referenced by a well-known artist, but I was also disappointed that he had not contacted Gaspar nor myself to work on it." Kan also called the similarities between the sequences "too blatant" and noted, "Even if it's an homage, there must be an added personal touch."

Noé himself was aware of the fact that good art is likely to attract imitators. "The truth is that when you put something out there, if you put any idea out there that's kind of flashy, you have many, many people that are going to be copying it. This happens whether you do movies, paintings or music."

The "All of the Lights" video was, however, ultimately pulled from YouTube and its flashy title sequence redesigned — not because of copyright complaints, but out of concern it would cause seizures.

As for Noé, while Enter the Void was a critical success, it struggled at the box office. The French director released his latest film, Love, a 3D drama, this summer.