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Teen Mom’s BF — Can I Drop ‘No Contact’ Order?

Filed under: Gary Shirley, Amber Portwood, Celebrity Justice, Teen Mom

Amber Portwood 's baby daddy Gary Shirley is "interested" in getting Amber's "no contact order" dismissed ... and he's already reached out to the court to make it happen ... TMZ has learned. Law enforcement sources tell us Gary called court officials… Read more

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FBI Contacted Over Threats to Lindsay Lohan

Filed under: Dina Lohan, Sam Lutfi, Lindsay Lohan, Celebrity Justice

TMZ has learned ... the FBI is now in possession of threatening and harassing messages sent to Lindsay Lohan and other members of her family. As we first reported, Lindsay has been receiving a variety of ominous messages ... some of which her people… Read more

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Capri Anderson’s Lawyer Contacts Sheen’s Attorney

Filed under: Charlie Sheen, Capri Anderson, Celebrity Justice

TMZ has learned ... Capri Anderson 's lawyer has already contacted Charlie Sheen 's attorney who specializes in settling messy situations with celebrities -- but Capri's attorney got an icy response. Sources connected with Capri Anderson , aka Christina… Read more

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O.J. Simpson Is Scared He’ll Leave Prison ‘In A Box,’ According To His Former Manager

O.J. Simpson is in desperate need of medical attention and he fears he won't get it before he dies, according to his former manager.

Norman Prado told Radar Online that Simpson has gained weight behind bars, which has exacerbated long-time problems with his knees.

Simpson underwent two knee replacement surgeries before he went into jail, “but the procedure was complicated by a bone infection,” says Pardo, adding that he “was on massive antibiotics to get rid of it” but “it didn’t want to heal.”

“If his knee is giving him problems now it’s probably a knee infection that is setting in from when the doctor operated on him… it was a hell of a mess,” Pardo tells Radar. “His knee swelled up like a balloon… I’d be more worried about him having his legs cut off due to the infections.”

If he can't convince prison officials at Lovelock Correctional Center in Nevada to let him have knee surgery, Pardo said Simpson is scared he won't leave prison "until he's dead."

"I think he’s more worried about leaving in a box — not a wheelchair,” Pardo said.

Simpson is currently serving a 9 to 33 year sentence on robbery and kidnapping charges.

The former NFL running back was found not guilty of murdering his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman on October 3, 1995.

Simpson's purported predicament is emblematic of larger problems in America's prison health care system.

Specifically, groups like the American Civil Liberties Union have documented instances in which private, for-profit companies are awarded contracts to care for a state's prison population.

That creates an incentive for companies to provide inadequate care so that the company can maintain a profit, according to David Fathi, Director of the ACLU's National Prison Project.

"Prisoners are a uniquely powerless, politically unpopular and literally captive market so with private prisons or private prison health care providers the usual rules of market discipline, the idea that bad businesses that injure or kill people will eventually go out of business, doesn't apply," Fathi previously told The Huffington Post. "if [prisoners] are injured, their ability to recover compensation has been dramatically restricted by federal legislation."

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Singer-Songwriter Andrew McMahon Honors Wife And Baby In Sweet New Music Video

This music video might be one of the only mainstream rock projects to feature a diaper change and baby carrier.

Singer-songwriter Andrew McMahon rose to fame in the early 2000s as the lead vocalist and instrumentalist for popular rock bands Jack's Mannequin and Something Corporate. This year, after a whirlwind of new music and new family adventures, the now solo artist and first-time dad has released a music video that pays tribute to his wife Kelly and their baby daughter Cecilia.

Performing under the name Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness, the musician released the new video for his single "Cecilia And The Satellite" last week. McMahon told The Huffington Post that he wrote the song a couple of weeks before Cecilia was born in February 2014. "I wanted her to be able to look back and know who her dad was before she was born. To me, it's a time capsule of my successes and failures and a commitment to be there for her through the same highs and lows," he said.

andrew mcmahon

It seemed only fitting that Cecilia herself appear in the music video for "Cecilia And The Satellite," but when it came time to film her small part, McMahon realized he wanted a more personal version to supplement the official video. The musician asked the film crew to meet with his family before the shoot and "capture what a day looks like for us on tour," he said. The result is a sweet "Day In The Life Edition" video that shows the McMahons spending time together as a family -- a seemingly ordinary but special snapshot of their life.

Ultimately, the musician is loving every moment of fatherhood, calling it, "the happiest time of my life." And though not all parents are touring musicians, McMahon says he thinks other moms and dads will relate to his video. "I hope they see themselves in it," he said, adding, "While not everyone spends as much time on a tour bus as we might, there is a universal truth in seeing a new life through the world -- I hope we hit on some of that."

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9 Surprisingly Feminist Classic Films, Because Strong Women Have Always Existed

This post originally appeared on Bustle

By JR Thorpe

We tend to think of classic black-and-white films as pretty bad ground for women's equality. The ladies in them look fantastic, sure, but the gender politics can be fairly awful: They're there to look silly, make catty remarks and ultimately do the "natural" thing and bow to love and marriage. Right? Wrong. While that depressing state of affairs does characterize many old-school films, there are several stunning examples in classic cinema of powerful women kicking caboose and taking names on their own terms.

So, what qualifies as a seriously feminist film for this list's purposes? For one, the focus can't be on ultimately being "tamed" by a man: the amazing Female (1933) starring Ruth Chatterton, about a tough female boss of a huge automotive factory who uses men and does what she likes, is fantastic until the last 10 minutes, when she's basically bullied into marriage and children because that's "what women are born for." (Yes, that is an actual piece of dialogue.) And complicated, driven women are in, but woman-on-woman "shrewish" competition is out -- hence The Women (1939), an all-female romp about competing for a man's attention, doesn't make the cut.

Ultimately, it's all about taking female strength and purpose seriously -- and, in some of the films, it's not even remarked upon that a woman would want to take charge of her own destiny and make her own choices. It's simply a fact. That's pretty radical, even in today's films. Here are nine classic films which feature strong, complex, well-rounded women.

1. Mildred Pierce (1945)


Mildred Pierce was one of the first films to showcase an ambitious career woman as a central character: in this flick, Joan Crawford, as the mother who pushes incredibly hard and sacrifices virtually everything for her nasty little spoilt daughter. Mildred isn't unflawed -- but she's powerful, and intent on getting what she deserves.

2. The Little Foxes (1941)


This film was actually pretty remarkable for the time, because it featured a Southern aristocratic belle who wasn't a brat or markedly hopeless. Instead, Regina, played by the awesome Bette Davis, is fighting her brothers for her well-deserved share of their inheritance. Regina inevitably goes too far in her pursuit of justice, but her rage against the confines of her gender is palpable and accepted.

3. The African Queen (1951)


Now mostly famous for pairing Katharine Hepburn with a spectacularly grumpy Humphrey Bogart, this film should be better known for the fact that Hepburn's character drives the whole thing: She and Bogart get stranded in a German-controlled bit of Africa at the outbreak of WWI, and she hatches a plan to convert their knackered boat into a gunboat and torpedo a German warship upriver. And she's more than a match for Bogart's embittered captain, intellectually and emotionally.

4. I'm No Angel (1933)


Oh, Mae West, how we love you. West was one of the first female comedians to get the big bucks and be frank about her sexuality. I'm No Angel, which she also wrote, features her in a lot of romantic entanglements (at least five) as a burlesque dancer, and while she does eventually find true love, she does it with some feminist ass-kicking. She sues her ex-fiancée (who was tricked into breaking off the engagement) for breach of promise, cross-examines all her ex-lovers herself, wins the case and gets back together with him. Score 100 points to West.

5. His Girl Friday (1940)


This screwball comedy from Howard Hawks looks pretty normal on the surface -- Cary Grant uses every trick in the book to lure his best worker and ex-wife, Rosalind Russell, back to him -- but it's actually pretty subversive. Rosalind, as Hildy, is clearly the brains of the operation, and she and Grant match wits and ambition all the way to the inevitable happy ending.

6. Queen Christina (1933)


Greta Garbo stars as the gender-bending, completely non-compromising Queen Christina of Sweden, who was renowned for dressing in men's clothes in an attempt to be taken seriously in the patriarchal environment of the Swedish court. In real life, Christina's story was more interesting -- she abdicated her throne because she didn't want to marry anybody, for one thing -- but Garbo's Christina is an intensely powerful woman who makes difficult choices for her people and herself.

7. La souriante Madame Beudet (1922)


This surrealist short is regarded as the first truly feminist film: a woman imagines the death of her stupid, humiliating husband, before a twist keeps her imprisoned in the marriage. It's very much from her point of view, and depicts her as intelligent and fully-formed. It's both very silly and very sad.

8. The Thin Man (1934)


The Thin Man movies, based on the novels of Dashiell Hammett, are technically all about Nick Charles' (William Powell) pursuits of criminals and murderers, but it's his marriage to Nora (Myrna Loy) that got the headlines. And deservedly so: Nora, based on Hammett's own partner Lillian Hellmann, is an equal, trades wisecracks at every opportunity, and is enraged when Nick, in a fit of justifiable chivalry, knocks her out to prevent her being shot at a crucial moment. "I wanted to see you get him!" she yells. Damn straight.

9. All About Eve (1950)


If you see one film on this list, make it this one. While the terrifying Eve, who manipulates everybody to supplant actress Bette Davis and get all her fame and roles, is a bit sociopathic, it's the serious Davis who carries the picture: she's a fully-rounded, highly intelligent, very sad character with huge flaws and high ambitions. That's what feminist cinema is really about: not perfect women, but ones who try to take charge of their destinies, have real weaknesses and come to know their own strength.

Images: Wikimedia Commons

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5 Things That Happened To Conan O’Brien When He Went To Cuba

"Hey, who's paying for this?" asked Conan O'Brien as he entered an Italian restaurant in Midtown Manhattan, where about a dozen journalists were sitting in front of appetizers, waiting for him to arrive. The purpose of the luncheon was to hear, first-hand, how O'Brien became the first U.S. late night talk show host to shoot an episode from Cuba since the embargo began. The episode will air March 4.

Those familiar with O'Brien's popular remote segments know that his "fish out of water" approach to new cultural phenomena can be hilarious. After President Barack Obama's announcement that the U.S. was working toward ending the embargo with Cuba, head writer Mike Sweeney casually suggested that they go there. O'Brien took the idea seriously because he remembered when then-"Tonight Show" host Jack Paar shot an episode from Havana after the revolution ended but before the U.S embargo in 1962.

"So the minute I heard [Sweeney suggest] that I was like, 'We gotta go, and we gotta go right away, because we don't know what's going to happen,'" O'Brien said.

And with that, O'Brien and executive producer Jeff Ross began planning a completely under-the-radar trip to Cuba for four days over President's Day Weekend to shoot a 1-hour special completely from Havana.

"I wanted the whole thing to be from Cuba, not a cutaway [from California]," O'Brien said. "We asked a cafe if we could borrow their cafe table, then we put an old microphone on it. There was a band of three or four Cuban women playing and I asked if they would be my house band. Then we found a guy to be Cuban Andy -- who I actually have better chemistry with -- and we shot the wraparounds there, just to give it that sense."

Here's a breakdown of what happened during the trip, which O'Brien explained over lunch.

1. Getting there was an adventure of its own, so much so that O'Brien sought comfort in "The Gilmore Girls."

First of all, the trip had to be covert. O'Brien and his team didn't announce it publicly because they feared the Cuban government might shut it down -- nor did they tell anyone at TBS or Time Warner for the same reason. Ten people traveled in total, six of them being the camera crew who flew out of Toronto, a more accepted way for U.S. citizens to get there. O'Brien, his assistant, Ross and Sweeney flew directly from Miami on a charter flight. They had contacted a Canadian production company in Havana who told them to "just come," saying that they would seek a formal invite from the Cuban Ministry Of Culture and get their Visas upon arrival. What they didn't know, as their charter left them without any way to reach their contact on the other side of customs, was that the Visas were on the plane.

"We see the charter plane start to pull away," O'Brien explained. "We walk up and we're greeted by this very genial man who asks for our papers, so we hand him this form that we were told takes care of everything, and he looks at us and goes 'No, Visa!' and then he folded up the paper and threw it away. Jeff and I are standing there. We don't know if he's coming back, we have no phones, we 're in Cuba. We had this idea that we thought would be pretty cool and now we might just be completely fucked."

Luckily there was a bit of American comfort waiting for them at the airport.

"So we go into this very small, not impressive building where airport workers are sitting around looking so bored because there's nothing to do, and in the corner there's an old television and it's showing 'Gilmore Girls' in Spanish. And I had this feeling of comfort for a second [...] It's the episode where Rory has decided to leave Yale and Edward Herrmann's upset ... I'm just getting lost in it and looking around at these people who couldn't give a shit if Rory leaves Yale or doesn't leave Yale."

Ross explained that after waiting around for quite some time, "the guy who runs the airport" came to them and worked everything out (luckily the charter plane hadn't yet left the airport with their Visas).

2. O'Brien found out he was bad at making cigars, among other things.

The trip was a short one but they planned to visit various sites, such as a cigar and rum factories, and pick up lessons in Salsa dancing, authentic Cuban music and more. "We were winging it, but it was planned winging it," O'Brien said, explaining that much of the trip was spent walking around and talking to people. But it was the cigar factory experience that he spoke about the most.

"They let me into a cigar factory, which is fascinating. It's 400 people in a room where they make them by hand and they're works of art, each one. It takes nine months of study to get to the point where you're even allowed in the factory," O'Brien said. "I actually started improvising with this great woman who tried to teach me how to make a cigar, and obviously I'm terrible at it."

O'Brien wanted to be sure that his special was not a "snarky, American comedy take," instead relying on his ability to be a comedian who makes fun of himself. "I'm not in my own land and I'm not good at things," O'Brien said of the special's ethos.

He said he further proved that intention when he got a traditional Cuban singing lesson and started supplementing the lyrics for 8th-grade Spanish phrases like, "The cat is in the sky" and "The dog has no milk."

3. O'Brien was brought back down to Earth when he saw a familiar face at a paladar.

Restaurants in Cuba are mostly state-run, but years ago it became legal to operate paladars (a.k.a privately owned restaurants run out of people's homes) which has led to some unique dining opportunities in Havana. When O'Brien decided to pay one a visit, he was taken aback by how beautiful and unsuspecting the building was. For a moment, he thought he was the first person to stumble upon this incredible find. But all it took was one photo to give him a wake-up call.

"Imagine a really nice, Upper West Side, beautiful 1900s apartment, and two of the three floors are in ruins, meaning crumbling. But you get to the top and there's a beautiful restaurant. There's no signage. And I'm thinking I'm the first guy here. Then I look up and on the wall there's a picture of Rob Schneider!" O'Brien said with a laugh. "Amongst others ... but Rob Schneider? The guy I shared an office with at 'SNL' like 20 years ago."

4. O'Brien had a great rapport with the Cuban people (even though he was only recognized by Canadian tourists).

Due to the lack of Internet and no access to American television, O'Brien wasn't recognized much in Havana except by Canadians who were there on vacation. But that didn't stop him from trying to convince Cubans that he can make them laugh.

"Everywhere I went, people were very open. When I would improv with them, they were really funny and really quick," he explained. "It's a form of humility to make yourself the butt of the joke in another culture and I think they respond to that."

Using an iPad to show clips of his TBS show, O'Brien did a lot of talking to Cubans about being from the U.S. ("Sometimes I would say I'm the greatest star in America," he joked) and found that many of them seemed relieved to hear that Americans do not harbor ill feelings toward the Cuban people.

"The one thing that was a constant is they were very interested in how Americans feel about [Cubans]. I did not get into how people feel about the Castro regime the last 53 years -- I don't think they wanted me to get into that either -- but I explained that America's a very divided country. We disagree on everything, 50/50, pretty much, and recently they did polls about normalizing relations with Cuba and they were overwhelmingly in favor," O'Brien said. "They were very happy to hear that. They want things to change, very much so."

5. O'Brien realized he might want to do more of this in the future.

O'Brien made a deliberate choice with this special to seek out more than just the funny parts and, now that he's returned, he's thinking outside the late-night show box.

"We're used to only thinking about comedy. For this one we thought: we want there to be funny moments, we want there to be really sweet moments and moments of connection, but we really just want to get the palate of Cuba," O'Brien said. "That was the big difference to me. I've only, for 22 years, been aggressively pursuing what's funny, and this was a different agenda."

O'Brien's career as a late-night host could morph into something closer to what Anthony Bourdain does, but with a comedic bent rather than a foodie one. He explained that in a world where there are more and more talk shows every year, he feels more of an impetus to keep changing and "do something radically different than what [he] did 10 years ago."

"I love travel and I love exploring things and I love trying to see if I can make someone laugh in a different culture," O'Brien said. "That was the most satisfying part of this project, just getting people to laugh who might not speak much English, don't know much about our culture, but they understand this guy not being able to make a cigar."

O'Brien hopes to somehow get a copy of the finished special down to Cuba after it airs so people can watch it, in hopes that his portrayal of the Cuban people helps to heal relations between the two countries, even if the special was done in the name of comedy.

"And maybe it's not a bad form of diplomacy," O'Brien said. "It is a universal language, if you can get it right."
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12 Musicians Who Have Inspired Some Of The Fastest-Rising Baby Names

They’re so famous that no last name is required. This group of Grammy-winning hitmakers has changed what we listen to, what we wear, and yes, how we name our children. The biggest names in music have inspired some of the fastest-rising baby names in recent years, from the now well-established Aaliyah to the astonishing debut of Jayceon. Which celebrity names will leap from the Billboard Hot 100 to the baby name popularity charts next?


aaliyah singer

Aaliyah Haughton was just 12 years old when she signed her first recording contract, and only 22 when she died in a plane crash. In the decade between, the Princess of R&B’s given name became a sensation. Aaliyah’s debut album, "Age Ain’t Nothing But a Number," was released in May 1994. That same year, over 1,400 girls were named Aaliyah -- up from just 22 the year before. The baby name Aaliyah has been in the US Top 100 every year since the singer’s tragic death, and has inspired countless respellings and variations, from Alia to Kaliyah.


adele exarchopoulos haenel

Adelyn, Adeline, Adelina, and Adelaide are all racing up the popularity charts in the US. Spare, simple Adele is one of six Adel- names currently in the US Top 1000. With Grammy-winning songstress Adele -- born Adele Laurie Blue Adkins -- in the spotlight, this name feels very on trend.



Beckett is big, and Jack is back, so how about Beck? Musician Beck -- born Bek Campbell -- has topped the charts since the 1990s, and recently won Album of the Year at the 57th Grammy Awards. Well over one thousand boys have been named Beck in the last decade -- and Beckett is racing up the US popularity charts, currently at Number 279 and rising.


beyonce concert

There’s only one Beyoncé -- except that the Destiny’s Child alum has inspired almost 2,000 parents over the past fifteen years to give her unusual name to their daughters, too. Beyoncé’s name is a spin on her mother’s maiden name, Beyincé. Apparently the family was once concerned that their rare surname was in danger of extinction. Problem solved!



Ciara is a traditional Irish saint’s name. Spelled Kira, it’s Russian, and spelled Keira, it’s Knightley -- as in the actress. But Ciara is also the given name of Ciara Princess Harris, the Grammy-nominated singer-actress who uses just her first name. As a girl’s name in the US, Ciara had been fading until Miss Harris came along. Over 2,000 girls were given the name in 2005, the year Ciara’s "Goodies" went triple platinum. She also put a different pronunciation on the table, because the singer pronounces Ciara like Sierra.



Aubrey Drake Graham started out as a teenage actor in his native Canada, but is better known as a Grammy-award winning rapper and singer. Drake also brings to mind singer-songwriter Nick Drake. There’s something fierce about this name -- Drake is another word for dragon. Drake was already on the rise when the rapper came along, but his multiple Grammy nominations have pushed his name into the US Top 300.

Jay Z

jay z

He’s widely considered one of the greatest rappers of all time, plus he’s a successful entrepreneur, husband to Beyoncé, and dad to Blue Ivy. We haven’t named our sons Jay in his honor -- that name is stuck in style limbo. But Jay-Z imitator names proliferate, with sound-alikes Jace and Jase now among the Top 100 baby names, Jayce getting close, and Jayse newly arrived in the Top 1000.


jayceon the game

Speaking of Jay-names, Jayceon debuted at Number 206 in 2013. Jayceon Taylor is better known as The Game, a rapper and star of VH-1 reality series "Marrying the Game," documenting his on-again, off-again relationship with fiancée Tiffney. There’s a second singer known as just Jayceon. Both men pronounce it with three syllables: jay SEE on. The more conventional Jason -- as in the Argonaut -- is still in the US Top 100, but falling. Jayceon might be the name of the future.



Mexican singer and actress Litzy has pushed her unusual given name into the US Top 1000 baby names a handful of times since her career took off at the beginning of the 2000s. A Spanish nickname for Elizabeth, Litzy feels like an independent name. Spelling variations abound -- think Litcy and Litzi. Litzy left the US Top 1000 in 2013, but with the singer-actress back on another Telemundo telenovela in 2014, don’t count this name out.


pharrell williams

It might seem crazy what I’m about to say. With the oversized hats and the infectious anthem, singer Pharrell has become a household name. Born Pharrell Williams, his name is both a spin on Irish surname Farrell -- which means courageous -- as well as his father’s name, Pharaoh. 13 boys were named Pharrell in 2013, and around 300 since the musician-producer-fashion designer launched his career in the early 2000s. It wouldn’t be a surprise to hear more of this creative, “Happy” name.


rihanna performs

Rihanna is an alternate spelling of an Arabic name, one of the wives of Muhammad. It’s originally the middle name of Barbados-born singer Robyn Rihanna Fenty. As a girl’s name in the US, Rihanna was almost unknown until the singer’s 2005 debut. Her first major hit was 2007’s “Umbrella.” In 2008, over 1,000 newborn girls were given the name Rihanna. No question, the singer has put her name on the list of possibilities for a daughter.


sia furler

Mia, Leah, Gia, and now Sia! The Australian singer scored a major hit with “Chandelier” in 2014. In Old Norse, Sia means “victory.” It could also be short for names like Sophia, Sienna, and Cecilia, or even a creative spin on Mia and company. It’s too soon to say if the Grammy-nominated singer’s name will also prove a sensation, but we’ll probably meet at least a few little Sias in the coming years.

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Reese Witherspoon ‘Constantly Questions’ Herself As A Parent, Just Like Everyone Else

As a working mom of three kids ranging from 2 to 15 years old, Reese Witherspoon has a lot of parenting experience under her belt.

In a new interview on the Cricket's Circle blog, the actress reflects on her role as a parent and shares some words of wisdom she's learned about motherhood -- from her own experiences, as well as iconic thinkers like Nelson Mandela.

Recalling the "disorienting" first few months with a new baby, Witherspoon said, "I felt like my brain was scrambled eggs, and I think it is, understandably, hard to get dressed or even get out of the house –- you have to go easy on yourself." She added that keeping prepared foods in the fridge and wearing a Belly Bandit to ease her back pain and regain strength were very helpful during those early months with a new baby.

Although the actress has a lot of great parenting advice to share, she doesn't always feel completely confident. She said:

reese witherspoon

And when she doesn't feel confident as a mom, she can always reflect on some of the great parenting advice she received when she met Nelson Mandela in 2001. While her toddler daughter Ava sat in Mandela's lap, Witherspoon asked him, "What did your mother say to you when you were a little boy?” she recalled. "And he said, 'Every night, before I went to bed, she told me I was going to be a wonderful person when I grew up.' Your words are powerful and formative, so be gentle with your kids and talk to them with kindness and respect."

You can read more of what Reese Witherspoon had to say about parenting on Cricket's Circle.

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