Fraternity Suspended After Allegedly Using Color-Code System To Drug Female Guests

Tau Kappa Epsilon at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee is under investigation for slipping date rape drugs in partygoers' drinks.
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Stars on the Move: Jay Z and Beyonce, Diddy, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

Word on the street is that even Jay Z and Beyonce pay rent.

It looks like Jay Z and Beyonce leased an ultra-modern Holmby Hills, California, mansion for a month-long stay over the summer, according to Variety.

It's hard to imagine a house suitable for these two celebs, but this one seems to fit the fab bill. The three-level contemporary estate has floor-to-ceiling windows, offering panoramic views of the surrounding area. The home also has a luxurious living room with 20-foot-high ceilings and glass walls, prime for any fabulous night of entertaining. Other impressive amenities include a custom-tiled infinity pool, landscaped gardens, outdoor kitchen and a tennis court.

So, what's the rent for an uber-luxe 16,000-square-foot home like this one? Variety says that Jay and Bey paid a cool $200K for their retreat at the resort-like property. No big deal.

The seven-bedroom, 8.5-bathroom home was built this year and was listed back in May for a whopping $45 million. According to property records, the home was taken off the market just a few days ago.

Diddy splashed out some serious cash this week for a home in Holmby Hills, California.

In an off-market deal, Sean John Combs, aka Diddy, picked up a newly constructed estate for $40 million, according to the L.A. Times.

There is plenty of room to host any number of guests at his new crib, which has eight bedrooms and 11 bathrooms and spans 17,000 square feet. Maybe the Grammy Award-winning artist will invite some of his noteworthy neighbors to one of his parties; some of the locals include Napster cofounder Sean Parker and Hugh Hefner over at the Playboy Mansion.

The $40 million price tag probably didn't hurt Diddy's bank account too badly; this year, Forbes estimated the rapper's net worth to be $700 million.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are looking to ditch their digs.

The famous duo is aiming to unload some real estate, according to Variety. The couple scooped up the property back in 2013 for $9 million, and after extensive renovations they are now looking to get $11 million for the abode in an off-market sale.

The Tuscan Mediterranean estate has five bedrooms and seven bathrooms, which would have been plenty of space for baby No. 2. The gorgeous manse is bursting with character and detail, with beamed ceilings, leaded windows and black walnut parquet flooring. There is also a living room with a cathedral ceiling and a stone fireplace, perfect for hosting guests. An elevator goes to the second floor of the home, which has a master suite complete with balconies and picturesque views. The gated estate is located in the community of Bel Air Crest, California.

Kimye, good luck on the sale of the home and on trying to give North West a baby brother or sister!

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Stolen Nude Photos Surface Of Kim Kardashian, Vanessa Hudgens And More

Kim Kardashian, Vanessa Hudgens and several other celebrities are the target of yet another nude photo leak.
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Kim Kardashian’s Alleged Nude Photos Leak Online, Many More Celebs Targeted In Hacking Ring (UPDATE)

Kim Kardashian, Vanessa Hudgens and U.S. soccer goalie Hope Solo appear to be the latest victims of the celebrity nude photo hacking ring.

Early Saturday morning alleged nude photos of the stars leaked on 4chan and started trending on Twitter. According to Uproxx, the photos were quickly removed as part of 4chan's new policy on copyright infringement.

This latest leak is likely the work of the same hackers who released nude photos of Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Victoria Justice, and an underage McKayla Maroney that the FBI is already investigating.

Hudgens, sadly, is no stranger to having her privacy grossly invaded. If these are in fact photos of the 25-year-old actress, this will mark the third time nude photos of Hudgens have been released to the public without her consent.

Meanwhile, a rep for Kardashian declined to comment, but the 33-year-old reality star weighed in on the hackings earlier this month. "I think it's a wake-up call for people to make sure they have every privacy setting," she told BBC Radio 1 host Nick Grimshaw. "It seems like there are a lot of people that love to spend their time hacking peoples' information and that's just a scary thing."

Request for comment made to Hudgens' rep has yet to be returned at this time.

UPDATE: More stolen photos of Jennifer Lawrence and "Big Bang Theory" star Kaley Cuoco were released on Saturday along with alleged photos of Avril Lavigne, Lake Bell, former Disney stars Aly and AJ Michalka, as well as Mary-Kate Olsen, Aubrey Plaza, Gabrielle Union, Emily Ratajkowski and Hayden Panettiere.

hacked celebs

And predictably, a new iteration of "The Fappening" has already sprung up on Reddit with this new trove of stolen photos, despite the fact the previous subreddit dedicated to the hacked celebrity images was banned by the site.

the fappening

Request for comment made to multiple reps have yet to be returned at this time. Reps for Reddit did not immediately return request for comment made by HuffPost Entertainment.

UPDATE 2: Actress Gabrielle Union has confirmed she's one of the latest victims of the celebrity photo hacking ring, and her lawyers will be contacting the FBI.

"It has come to our attention that our private moments, that were shared and deleted solely between my husband and myself, have been leaked by some vultures," Union and her husband Dwayne Wade said in a joint statement to TMZ. "I can’t help but to be reminded that since the dawn of time women and children, specifically women of color, have been victimized, and the power over their own bodies taken from them. These atrocities against women and children continue worldwide."

The couple added, "For anyone out there also being affected by these and other hacking and hate crimes - We send our love, support and prayers. We have done nothing wrong."
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These 80s Sci-Fi Movies Got The Future Very, Very Wrong

These movies tried, and mostly failed, to predict what life might be like in the future.
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Hilary Duff Says ‘Why Not?’ To ‘Lizzie McGuire’ Reunion, Because This Is What Dreams Are Made Of

Hilary Duff is "coming clean."

A decade after her hit Disney show came to an end, the actress, artist and celebrity mom has confirmed to HuffPost Entertainment that she'd be down for a "Lizzie McGuire" reunion.

Though our lives are now complete, let's still take a look at how we got here ...

tv show gifs

Duff broke onto the scene in "Lizzie McGuire" back in 2001, and immediately all of our lives changed for the better.

Lizzie was just like us.

She was clumsy, awkward and insecure, but she was also charming, relatable and just seemed to get us.

tv show gifs

Though the series ended in 2004, Duff went on to star in movies, release albums and become a successful entrepreneur. Then, she just walked away.

Duff told us, "I had toured for like 5 years, so once I was done with my last tour, I was just like, 'I’m done. I need a break. I need to go away. I need to like live.' And I did."

During her hiatus from the spotlight, Duff enjoyed doing a lot of normal people stuff. She got married, had a baby (Luca) and even traveled.

tv show gifs

Today, Hilary Duff is back. She's going to release a new album, she's set to star in "Younger," a new show coming to TV Land, and she's working with Trident in support of Oral Health America’s Smiles Across America (SAA) campaign, a program that helps underserved kids receive dental care.

During the week of September 15th, every pack of Trident gum purchased at retailers nationwide has led to a five-cent donation to the program.

Recently, Duff told us about the SAA campaign, her new album and that big "Lizzie" news:

hilary duff mike comrie

So why did you want to get involved with Trident?

I think hearing about the work that Trident does with Smiles Across America got me inspired because oral health care is really important for kids. I have a two-year-old, and I know how important it is to get them to brush their teeth and how challenging it can be.

Any tips for other parents?

I have two. It’s starting early ... and always try to make a game of it. Challenge him.

I'll be like, "I bet you can’t stand on one foot brushing your teeth." And he’s like, "Yes, I can! Yes, I can! Yes, I can!” You know they want to be able to do everything. They love a challenge. Sometimes we sing songs, and some days it’s easier than others.

Since this is Trident, have you, in your career, ever requested to be paid in Layers?

[To publicists] Can you guys arrange that for me?

[To HuffPost] When they called me, I was actually like, “But you don’t understand. This is the gum I buy.” I was so excited because when you get to be a part of something you’re actually a fan of … it’s ideal. But no, I have never requested to be paid in Layers.

lizzie mcguire

The program sounds awesome, but let’s get to what everyone has been wondering for years. Would you be interested in doing a "Lizzie McGuire" reunion?

Would you pay money for that?

In a heartbeat.

[Laughs.] I love it! I would be totally open to it. My schedule is a little busy right now. But um … why not?

I mean, so many people loved her. I loved her. Honestly, working on that show, I got so strong with my physical comedy and all the things that they would throw at me. I got covered in goo every week, and I got, like, smashed in the face with a locker every single week. And all this, I mean it was a really, really fun show. And obviously people really loved her. Maybe a "Lizzie: Where Are You Now?" like 10 years later.


Team Gordo or Team Ethan?

Lizzie always chooses the right way. Personally? Ethan!

No, no, I’m just kidding. I always choose the good guy.

Are you sure?

Yeah, the naughty side of me wants to be like, "The hot guy," but then I always choose the good guy.

Why wasn’t Miranda in "The Lizzie McGuire Movie"?

Oh my gosh, I love how this is just flashback "Lizzie McGuire" stuff. You know what, I don’t really know, but she was definitely missed.

I think we should just start over, and you should come in here, and I should just put a bunch of butterfly clips in my hair and wear like mismatching jeans and top.

Wow, that would actually be awesome.

lizzie hair

So for your new album, how would you say it's different from the others, and is there a track that defines it?

The album is very different. My last record was seven years ago. I haven't just frozen in time. Being a mother has given me a confidence I didn’t have before, so maybe that came across in the studio for sure. Being more, you know, ballsy with what I have to say. And not holding back.

There’s a song called "Belong" that I really love. It sounds cheesy when I talk about it, but it’s not cheesy at all, and it’s more about just like not waiting for anything. Just going for it and not holding back. Like I said, it sounds cheesy when I talk about it, but it’s not at all.


So, Hilary ... Why not take a crazy chance?

Why not do a crazy dance?

Oh my God. Thank you. This has been the greatest moment of my life.

Well, where's the dance?

You really want me to dance?

Yeah! You put me on the spot!

[HuffPost reporter proceeds to shake what his mama gave him by performing an original dance move called "The Earthquake."]

Oh my gosh! Wow! I’m going to teach Luca the "Earthquake." I think he would really like it.

tv show gifs

This interview has been condensed and edited.

During the week of September 15th, Trident gum purchased at retailers nationwide spurs a five-cent donation to the SAA program, up to $200,000.
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This Canadian City Just Set The World Record For Most People Dressed As Batman

More than 500 employees of a Canadian energy company set the world record for largest group of people dressed as Batman in order to raise money for charity.
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Jimmy Fallon’s 40th Birthday Surprise Features A Cake Filled With Shirtless Male Celebs

Things got off to a weird start when the "Tonight Show" staff surprised Jimmy Fallon for his 40th birthday.

Like, shirtless-Seth-Rogen-and-James-Franco-popping-out-of-a-giant-cake, weird.

Watch Fallon crack up (and say "Oh my God" repeatedly) as he is greeted by the "Pineapple Express" duo before receiving his real gift: a personal performance by the great Stevie Wonder.

"The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" airs weeknights at 11:35 p.m. ET on NBC.
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A ‘Game Of Thrones’ Fan Fought Off An Intruder With His Own Spear

Jimmy Morgan Jr fended off an intruder with a medieval spear.
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Jennifer Lawrence Hangs Backstage At iHeartRadio Festival, Fuels Chris Martin Dating Rumors

Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin may not be an official couple, but these photos are sure to fuel the ongoing dating gossip about them.

Rumors of Lawrence and Coldplay frontman Chris Martin's romance first spread in mid-August, when unidentified sources confirmed to E! News that the two had been "seeing each other." On Friday, the 24-year-old actress was photographed backstage at the 2014 iHeartRadio Music Festival in Las Vegas, where Coldplay performed. E! News reports that their sources spotted Lawrence entering Martin's dressing room.

Lawrence kept it casual in a black crop top embellished with metallic studs and black skinny jeans:

jennifer lawrence

jennifer lawrence

Coldplay hit the iHeartRadio stage to perform a five-song set that included, "Clocks," "Viva La Vida," "Paradise," "Ink" and "Sky Full Of Stars."


So maybe J.Law showed up to show her rumored boyfriend some support. Or maybe she just headed backstage to tell Martin how epic this three-headed visual was:


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