Key & Peele’s First Film Together Is Officially Happening: Get The Details

Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele to make first film together for New Line called 'Keanu.'
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Here Are 3 Easy Ways To Dress Like Kanye West This Halloween

Here's how to be Kanye West this Halloween!
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This Twerking Turtle Must Be Stopped

A turtle has been caught on film twerking to Jason Derulo's 'Wiggle,' and here's why that's a problem for turtle communities worldwide.
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New Found Glory’s Chad Gilbert Talks Growing Up, Looking Back, And Moving Forward On ‘Resurrection’

New Found Glory's Chad Gilbert talks about growing up and growing stronger, the evolution of pop-punk, and more on Resurrection, the band's eighth album.
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Jimmy Fallon Announces New Picture Book, ‘Your Baby’s First Word Will Be DADA’

Attention all parents and/or Jimmy Fallon fans! The lovable "Tonight Show" host and dad to 1-year-old Winnie Rose has written a hilarious new picture book.

Feiwel and Friends, an imprint of Macmillan Children’s Publishing Group, announced today that it will be releasing Jimmy Fallon's upcoming book, titled Your Baby's First Word Will Be DADA.

jimmy fallon book

Jimmy Fallon wrote a children's book, Snowball Fight! back in 2005, but this is the first one he's written since becoming a father. In fact, Fallon's personal parenting experience directly inspired Your Baby's First Word Will Be DADA. Baby Winnie Rose's first word was "Mama."

According to the official press release, the TV host's picture book is "a hilarious account of every father’s secret campaign to ensure that their babies’ first word is Dada -– not Mama!" Throughout the story, illustrated creatures -- from cows, sheep, and horses to mice and frogs -- try to coax their babies into saying "Dada."

"This is one of the few celebrity books that you can tell was actually written by the celebrity," Fallon says in the press release. "And my baby personally approved of the beautiful artwork by Miguel Ordóñez.”

The only thing that makes us sad about this book is that we have to wait until June 9, 2015 to read it.

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This Marching Band Performed Beyonce’s ‘Single Ladies,’ And We Wanna Put A Ring On It

FSU's marching band performed the most perfect rendition of Beyonce's "Single Ladies" during the Notre Dame game. Watch the video here!
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Scott Foley Had To Google ‘Eiffel Tower’ After Reading The Script For Last Week’s ‘Scandal’

Things have been getting pretty steamy on "Scandal" lately, starting with this season's premiere, when Jake Ballard got a little, um, handsy with Olivia Pope on the beach.

So when "Scandal" star Scott Foley stopped by HuffPost Live on Monday, host Alyona Minkovski couldn't let him go without asking about all the action Jake's been getting.

"We didn't think too much about it when we shot it, but looking at it now and hearing you say it, I feel like I'm back in high school and talking to my parents about heavy petting," Foley said of that saucy beach scene.

Foley also weighed in on last week's episode, which tackled the sexual position known as "Eiffel towering." It turns out that storyline was a teachable moment for Foley.

"I had to Google what an Eiffel tower was after reading the script," he said. "I knew that it was obviously a sexual act, but I was surprised at the graphic nature of it."

Check out the full HuffPost Live conversation with Scott Foley here.

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Cam’ron Emojis Are Coming To A Phone Near You

Cam'ron gives a preview of his new emojis, dropping in early November.
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Comedian Wyatt Cenac Explains How He Got Into A Physical Fight With Former SNL Cast Member Norm MacDonald

From the his role on "The Daily Show" to his new Netflix comedy special, comedian Wyatt Cenac is all about the jokes -- but that didn’t stop him from getting into a "physical altercation" with former "Saturday Night Live" cast member Norm MacDonald.

When the former "Daily Show" correspondent stopped by HuffPost Live on Monday, he told host Alyona Minkovski that as a 19-year-old intern at SNL, he was invited to join what should have been a friendly game of late-night soccer among co-workers in the hallways of the SNL studio. Cenac teamed up with Colin Quinn to play against Norm McDonald and Stephen Colbert, who was working as a writer on the show.

"And so we were playing and Norm, at the time, was trying to quit smoking, so I think he was a little more on edge, but we got into a little scrum over the ball," he said. "We were both kicking at the ball and I wound up clipping him in the shin. And he got really mad and he tried to throw me across the room. And so then I shoved him off of me and I was like, 'Get off of me' and then he shoved me back and we kind of got in a shoving match."

At that point, the altercation reached a stalemate. Cenac explained that neither of the two were willing to throw a punch.

"I didn't want to throw because I was an intern and I knew if I threw I’d get kicked out. And I think on his part he was like, 'Well, I don’t want to throw because if I throw, this kid will sue me and he’ll be the new president of NBC.'"

Watch the full HuffPost Live interview with comedian Wyatt Cenac here.

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Taylor Swift Gave Selena Gomez Relationship Advice We Can All Take To Heart

If only we could all be BFFs with Taylor Swift.

Recently, Selena Gomez opened up to the ladies of "The Talk" about an awesome piece of advice she got from her pop star bestie.

Gomez revealed that while hanging out at her house, she opened up to T-Swift about all the stuff going on in her life, and Swift told her, "Selena, if you're the smartest person in the room, I think you're going to be in the wrong room."

Gomez says the advice is a reminder to always surround yourself with people who are going to make you better. Then, further securing Swift's place in the best friends hall of fame, Gomez added that the "1989" singer always supports her and doesn't judge.

Besides giving awesome advice, Swift has been busy musically, releasing a teaser for her new song "Welcome to New York" on Monday. Gomez has also been staying busy, making talk show appearances, looking amazing in recent photo shoots and always being involved in rumors with her on-again-off-again man, Justin Bieber.

Of course, when all else fails, Gomez should just remember Swift's most important advice of all and "shake it off."
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