Kelly Clarkson Talks ‘Kezbos,’ Or Her Lesbian Groupies, And How She’d React If Her Daughter Were Gay

Kelly Clarkson recalls the first time she became aware of her gay and lesbian fans in a new PrideSource interview.

"One girl on tour came up and just introduced herself and was like, 'I'm a Kezbo,' and I was like, 'What?!' She was like, 'A Kezbo -- your lesbian fans,'" the 32-year-old Grammy winner and "American Idol" veteran tells Chris Azzopardi. "And I was like, 'Wait -- there's enough of you to have a group? That's amazing! Awesome! Go me!'"

Still, Clarkson shrugged once the fan vowed to "bring [her] to the other side," noting, "I was like, 'All right, well, keep trying!'"

Still, the superstar said she didn't distinguish between her gay and straight fans, and added that she doesn't "consider myself an icon at all" at this stage of her career.

"Fans are fans, and no matter what our lives are like, no matter what path we're on, music is the one thing that connects us," she noted.

As to how she would react if her daughter, River Rose, turned out to be a lesbian, Clarkson said, "I just hope she finds love. It took me a while, man ... You know, as long as she's happy, I don't care either way, and neither does my husband."

In the years before she tied the knot with talent manager Brandon Blackstock, Clarkson was the subject of ample media speculation over her sexuality.

Still, she wasn't insulted by reports that she may be a lesbian, noting, "I mean, I get hit on by the hottest girls ever. Oh, my god, if I were a lesbian, I would be so in luck. But it's just not my thing."

The video for her single "Heartbeat Song" features a gay couple, Chad Laboy and Zac Woodward. The pair later revealed they'd gotten engaged for real on the set of the video, which was the first released from "Piece by Piece," Clarkson's first full-length album of original material in four years.

Check out the full-length PrideSource interview with Kelly Clarkson here.

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Sara Gilbert & Linda Perry Welcome Baby Boy Rhodes

Sara Gilbert and her wife Linda Perry welcomed a baby boy named Rhodes over the weekend, her "The Talk" co-host Julie Chen revealed on the show today!
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Madonna Thinks Kanye West ‘Takes Things Too Seriously’

Madonna has reigned supreme over award shows since first rolling around at the MTV Video Music Awards in 1984, and now she has some advice for Kanye West: calm down.

"Don't go to awards shows looking for justice," Madonna said in a new interview with Rolling Stone. "That's like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Just go and have fun. I never got too engaged with who wins awards or not, because I don't honestly think it's that important. So that part of him I can't relate to. Like, what's the point of fighting for somebody to ... like, ‘This person should have got it?'… I think sometimes he takes things too seriously."

West taking things too seriously may have led to outbursts at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards, where West stormed the stage to say that Beyoncé should have won Best Female Video over Taylor Swift, and at this year's Grammys, where he nearly interrupted Beck's Album of the Year speech when "Morning Phase" topped "Beyoncé." West later admitted to not having heard Beck's album before the ceremony, and he later apologized to the singer on Twitter.

"It's really hard to describe Kanye in one sentence, so I may have to use several," Madonna said of the rapper, who produced songs on her forthcoming album, "Rebel Heart":

He's a brilliant madman. He can't help himself. Like, he doesn't have the same filters other people have. He has to blurt things out -- he's always saying inappropriate stuff. But he also has brilliant ideas, if you can get him to pay attention long enough, working with him in the studio. He would come and go. He would drive me bonkers, because he's got so many things going on in his life. And this seemed to be the theme of my record, working with people who can't get off their phone, can't stop tweeting, can't focus and finish a song. It drove me crazy. But when they did pay attention, it was brilliant. I was, like, running around with a butterfly net. But I feel like the music business needs him, because everyone's become so politically correct, so safe. I don't always agree with the things he says or does -- I don't always like his music, even. But he's a beautiful mess. I love him.

Head to Rolling Stone for more.
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Shia Labeouf Has A Rattail, Everybody

Big hair news, America: Shia LaBeouf has a rattail. Yes, he saw Jared Leto's Golden Globes braid and raised him 1,000 with a flirty, fun, new 'do.




shia labeouf


shia rattail
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Osbourne’s Departure Is a Chance for <i>Fashion Police</i> to Update Its Look

Keeping the original lineup of a hit TV show together? That's so last season.

Or at least it is for E!'s Fashion Police, whose stock has collapsed faster than a model on a slick catwalk. Nearly six months to the day of host Joan Rivers' untimely passing, the show is mourning another loss: Kelly Osbourne quit the show on Friday. With the departure of George Kotsiopoulos in the wake of Rivers' death, only Giuliana Rancic - who, from a fashion-savvy perspective, was the show's weak link to begin with - now remains as an original panelist for the network's iconic program, one that should now be carefully considering a future without her.

News of Osbourne's departure came just days after she threatened to walk following a widely criticized joke that Rancic made about 18-year-old actress Zendaya following the 2015 Oscars broadcast. But really, it was probably a matter of time before she left anyway. At the Fashion Police taping I attended in 2013, Osbourne walked onto the set mere moments before the show began, spoke to no one, and was disengaged throughout. In addition to ignoring the live audience, Osbourne also had nothing to say to any of her co-hosts when the cameras were not rolling; in between takes, she barely looked up from her phone. Despite the familial banter that made the show so charming for years, then, there appeared to be tension for some time, and so this latest shakeup should come as no surprise.

Since its reboot in January with new host Kathy Griffin, Fashion Police has become a sinking ship, with panelists donning couture life preservers and jumping off. Now, relying on a combination of new faces and one remaining co-host whose omnipresence on the network has made her the 2015 version of Ryan Seacrest, Fashion Police is at a crossroads. Already on a loose, as-needed airing schedule, the show will likely need to carve out an entirely new identity - which, quite frankly, it should have done when Rivers died - if it is to remain relevant.

In its four-year run with Rivers at the helm, the show outgrew both its 30-minute time slot and exclusive focus on Hollywood celebrities, routinely airing special episodes from major industry events and expanding to include elements of sports and popular culture. Today, though, while there is still a demand for fashion news, there may not be a demand for any remnants of the old Fashion Police, thanks in large part to what has happened to each of its original panelists in just six short months.

Joan Rivers. Though she was in her 80's, Rivers was hardly showing signs of slowing down when she passed last summer. In addition to flying across the country every single week to tape Fashion Police, Rivers also routinely performed stand-up comedy, hosted the popular In Bed with Joan web chat series, and for years did everything from hawk her wares on QVC to embark on exhausting book tours. A true showbiz professional, Rivers was not just a performer; she was a fearless leader, firmly taking control of, and responsibility for, everything she said and was involved in. Would she have made a crack about Zendaya? Yep. Would she have offered a lame, heavily scripted apology, then a few days later blamed the whole thing on a writer? Nope. If no one appreciated the presence and foundation that Rivers brought to the show when she was still alive, they do now.

Kelly Osbourne. Prior to her sudden departure, the 30-year-old Osbourne brought an invaluable millennial perspective (despite Rancic's often-desperate attempts to sound hip). Smart, camera-friendly and well versed on fashion, the often-boisterous and purple-coiffed Osbourne was still probably the least outrageous on the panel, so much so that one of her main faults was the extent to which she often seemingly bit her tongue for fear of hurting someone's feelings. Her habit of playing nice will likely pay off as she starts a new chapter, as she has burned few (if any) bridges in Hollywood and should have no problem finding the "other opportunities" that an E! statement claimed she was leaving to pursue.

Giuliana Rancic. When not trying to steal the spotlight, Rancic did an excellent job introducing segments and lobbing the ball to Rivers for comedic alley-oops. Oftentimes, however, she tried to out-joke Rivers and out-fashion Kotsiopoulos, and her reluctance to play a supporting role only grew after the show's return earlier this year. A graduate-school-trained journalist, Rancic worked for years to establish herself as the network's go-to celebrity interviewer and host, but an apparently unquenchable thirst to be the star - kept mostly in check for years in the presence of as strong a personality as Rivers - has made her a liability to the show in its current incarnation. E! could just hand her the show's reins, but would actually probably be better off replacing her altogether.

George Kotsiopoulos. Unlike Rancic, the acclaimed celebrity stylist understood that less can be more. Plenty charismatic, Kotsiopoulos was Ed McMahon to Rivers' Johnny Carson, laughing enthusiastically at her one-liners but not trying to out-do anyone, in spite of his impressive industry credentials. His comments during the show were highly informed and genuine, and while he was capable of being a TV personality, he never lost his credibility in an effort to be more entertaining. Though Brad Goreski has done a fine job of filling his shoes, Kotsiopoulos brought an understated presence to Fashion Police that nicely complemented the larger-than-life Rivers, and is now sorely missing.

Fashion Police is in the midst of a planned hiatus, and won't be back on the air until the end of March. It will need this time to find a replacement for Osbourne (Jaime Pressly proved repeatedly to be an excellent guest on the show, and would be a great candidate), but should also take advantage of the opportunity to hit the reset button altogether. When she was named the show's new host, Griffin vowed to keep the show's spirit intact while not simply trying to impersonate Rivers, but replacing Rancic would give her an all-new supporting cast, and more importantly breathe new life into a show stuck between the past and the future.

Because if there's anything that deserves a fresh spring look, it's the show that has made its name on fresh spring looks.
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Jessie James Decker Is Pregnant With Baby No. 2

Jessie James Decker is pregnant!

The country singer and reality star announced in an Instagram post Monday that she and husband Eric Decker are expecting their second child.

"Vivianne is so excited because she is going to be a big sister! We are over the moon about having another baby," she wrote alongside a photo of her adorable family, which currently includes daughter Vivianne, who turns 1 later this month. In the snapshot, Decker and her baby girl pose in matching bikinis from her Amore & Sorvete swimwear collection:

Decker's first pregnancy was documented on E!'s "Eric & Jessie: Game On." Last year, she spoke to OK! Magazine about having the cameras around during that time.

"I did not fake anything," she said. "Half the season I’m not wearing makeup. I look like a hobo. I’m wearing the most crazy sweatpants and mismatched outfits. I just kept it real. People can make pregnancy look glamorous but in my case it was all about being comfy and keeping it real. I hope a lot of women can watch it and see the reality of it."

She welcomed little Vivianne on March 18 via C-section.
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‘The Walking Dead’ Season 5 Ep. 12 Recap: ‘Remember’ Welcomes Team Rick To The Neighborhood

After being on the move for what feels like forever, our group of survivors has found a suburban paradise to call home. But can people this hard-worn and traumatized settle back into society? Or, as Glenn put it, were they almost "out there" too long?

Spoiler alert! The following recaps contains spoilers. There is no sanctuary.

"Remember" certainly marks the beginning of a new chapter of "The Walking Dead" for the second half of Season 5, with Alexandria coming off as a much more sustainable location than Woodbury or Terminus. Nothing is perfect, of course, and there are already some interesting red flags (*cough* Aiden *cough*), but after a shower and shave and a shiny, new uniform, this is the most that Rick has let his guard down in a long time.

Here are the four main takeaways from the episode.

The group gets settled in, some more than others.

When Team Rick finally enters the gates of pristine Alexandria, they look like angry refugees who are about to take the place by force. They agree to check their weapons as they get acquainted with their new environment, which includes two gigantic, side-by-side houses in which everyone can live. This place has everything: electricity, running water, sewage filtration, the works. Michonne brushes her teeth. Maggie inhales clean laundry. Rick takes a much-needed hot shower and shaves off his beard (if you can't remember the last time you saw him clean-shaven, just think that Michonne has never seen his face like that until now). Everyone seems a little skeptical, but in awe of the amenities. Michonne says she has a good feeling about the place.

A nice, neighbor lady named Jessie comes by with a laundry basket full of supplies from the pantry -- they have a pantry! -- and offers to give Rick a haircut. She's a strong, pretty and intuitive single mom (wink, wink, Rick) with two boys, one Carl's age named Ron. Carl meets him to play video games -- video games! -- and is introduced to his moody friend Enid who also came from "outside." She gives him the cold shoulder but you get the sense that she'll warm up. Carl later tells Rick that he's concerned about living with people who haven't had to deal with the outside. "They're weak. I don't want us to get weak too," he says. Then again, Carl still can't enter an unexplored room without his knife drawn. Similarly, Rick sleeps with a kitchen knife and has a mini-panic attack when he loses sight of Carl and Judith for a second, only to realize that they're talking to some sweet, old grandparents.

Daryl is further proof that old habits die hard, especially when he guts an opossum on the immaculate porch. He's the only one who hasn't showered or put down his weapon and he makes fun of Carol for putting on a nice sweater and a pair of khakis. Something is going on with Carol, though. She's incredibly chipper, not that she shouldn't be, but she seems like she's being fake. In her interview with Deanna, she lies about her abusive husband by saying she misses him and calls him "wonderful." What's up with that?

Deanna seems cool...

Rick's group is understandably suspicious of authority figures. Even newcomer Abraham lets out a loud, "Who's Deanna?" when Aaron tells them they are to meet with the woman in charge. Before the fall, Deanna Monroe used to be a Congresswoman for Ohio's 15th district and came to Alexandria with her family after being directed to by the Army -- who then never showed. A big shopping mall nearby and a husband who was a professor of architecture helped them make the best out of the resources and start a community completely shielded from the outside world. "This is the start of sustainability," she says. A simple read of her watch reminds us that we haven't known what time it is on the show in a very long time. Rick looks uncomfortable, even sitting in the first comfy chair he's sat in for a while, but there seems to be a mutual respect between the two.

Deanna primarily wants Rick's group to stay because they need people who have been "outside." Apparently they are the first group she has invited in for a while and she wants them to help Alexandria survive. Rick surprises her by saying she should have kept the gates closed. "It's all about survival now, at any cost," he says. This is before he shaves his beard, and it's hard not to imagine this being foreshadowing for a later coup. Still, Deanna seems cool. She checks in on the group after they settle in to one of the houses for the first night and assures them that everyone will have a job by saying, "Looks like the Communists won after all!" Lol.

...But her son is a real (self-proclaimed) "douchebag."

If you watched this episode and didn't immediately get bad feeling about Aiden, you're crazy. Unnecessary machismo has always been a pitfall on this show, and Aiden's actions on his first perimeter check with Noah, Tara and Glenn show that he has plenty of it. First, he talks up these wimpy pistols to three people who are used to using assault rifles, which is innocent but still lame. He says that his last team of four people was lost because they didn't follow his directions, yet his first order of business when they reach the woods is to find and chain up a walker that killed one of them. Not only is it a weird waste of time, but Tara almost gets bitten in the process and on top of that, Aiden yells at her for killing the walker (Or, "Moaner" in Alexandria speak).

Back in town, Glenn gives Aiden a piece of his mind and a fight ensues. Aiden asks his mom, "Why'd you let these people in?" to which Glenn answers, "Because we actually know what we're doing out there." BOOM. Glenn ducks when Aiden throws a punch, then lands one of his own. Before long, everyone is rushing over and Daryl pounces on Aiden's cohort. It's a tense situation, but Deanna defuses it by reminding everyone that Rick's group is now an equal part of their community. To top it off, she thanks Rick for Glenn punching her son in the face. Even she knows he needs to be knocked on his ass.

Rick and Michonne are the new law in town, but Rick's still a believer in "Survival at any cost."

After Deanna declares Rick's group an official part of Alexandria, it's clear that they are going to stay. She finally gives Rick and Michonne their new jobs: constables. Rick's going to be a law man again?! Well, as if he ever stopped being one in the first place. Back at their homes, Rick confirms that they are staying put and says they can settle into both houses. Carol echoes Carl's concern that this place could make them weak. Rick, looking like a new man in his uniform with significantly less hair, flatly says that it's not going to happen. They'll make it work here no matter what, and if the Alexandrians can't, "Then we'll just take this place." *Drops the mic.*

So ... our first taste of Alexandria is more sweet than bitter, but obviously it will take some time to find out how pure Deanna's intentions are, how much of a problem Aiden is going to be and what, if any, other problems arise that would lead to a Ricktatorship of the town. That scene where Carl sees Enid climb over the fence, then finds his dad looking for his stashed gun in the woods raises some questions. First, where did the gun go? And secondly, where did Enid go? The answers to those questions will tell us more about where this "Pleasantville" plot is going.

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Kendall Jenner’s Throwback Bikini Photo Reminds Us The Winter Struggle Is Real

With 20.4 million Instagram followers, a modeling contract with Estee Lauder and a reality show about her own family, 19-year-old Kendall Jenner isn't the most relatable human being on earth. But there's one thing we can all agree on (including teenage millionaires): winter needs to end, like, yesterday. Celebrities, they're just like us -- at least when they're just as over the cold weather as we are.

Jenner expressed her yearning for the natural phenomenon known as heat with an Instagram photo of herself in a floral bikini, appropriately captioned "TAKE ME BACK:"


A photo posted by Kendall Jenner (@kendalljenner) on

We feel you, girl.
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Michael Jordan Fails Yet Again To Win ‘Richest Person In The World’ Title

Forbes reported Monday that former NBA superstar Michael Jordan has failed for the 29th straight year to become the richest person in the world.

It may be hard to believe, but it’s true: The man who is quite literally the Michael Jordan of basketball has only now even earned the title of billionaire and is still tens of billions of dollars away from even getting close to making the global financial playoffs. In fact, there are 1,740 people standing in his way of his “richest person in the world” title -- which begs the obvious question: Michael Jordan is only the 1,741th richest person in the world?!

To add insult to injury, 289 people not named Michael Jordan earned the exact same “new billionaire” distinction just this year. This sort of pedestrian play is obviously not what we have come to expect from the greatest to ever lace them up. But with Jordan, 52, past his financial prime and entering the twilight years of his business career, it appears he may have never come close to earning the title we can only imagine he so desperately covets: world champion of money-making.

The Jordan camp is already dismissing the rankings, referring to them as nothing more than “financial guesstimates” in a tersely worded statement provided to, which is just so perfectly Jordan-esque, is it not?

Really, it's not hard to imagine the ultra-competitive Jordan scrolling through the Forbes rankings at this very second and jotting down the names of the NBA owners ranked above him underneath the phrase “ENEMIES LIST,” which we assume would be scribbled in blood. (Jordan owns nearly all of the sort-of-good Charlotte Hornets.)

No word from Jordan’s financial team about if they will tank during the upcoming financial season in order to earn a higher draft pick in next year's draft.
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Khloe Kardashian Is Loving Her New, Blonder Look

Khloe Kardashian just went from blonde to blonder.

The "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" star was spotted walking through Los Angeles International Airport after hitting up Ryan Seacrest's birthday party in Napa this weekend with noticeably lighter hair. While she has been rocking ombre locks for years now, Kardashian is officially a bona fide blonde.

She posted a photo of her new hair to Instagram Sunday, giving a shout-out to celebrity colorist Tracey Cunningham: "I'm in love with my blonde hair!!! @traceycunningham1 you killed it with this color!!!"

A photo posted by Khloé (@khloekardashian) on

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