Neat Freak Courtney Cox Talks Life With Pack Rat David Arquette

While it likely wasn't a reason for their eventual separation considering how long they were married, it must have been difficult for Courteney Cox to life with David Arquette's pack rat tendencies. On both "Friends" and "Cougar Town," Cox has seen roles where she was controlling and a bit of a neat freak. These are traits she shares with the characters, which of course meant that Craig Ferguson threw bits of paper all over the floor just to get under her skin on "The Late Late Show" (Weeknights, 12:37 a.m. EST on CBS).

She resisted the urge to pick it up, saying that being married to David Arquette is what helped her build up some resistance to a bit of a mess.

"You know I love David, but he's crazier than a bag of snakes," Ferguson said.

"He's crazy but he's also a pack rat," Cox added.

It certainly sounded like Ferguson was heading somewhere dirty when he said that Arquette was a hoarder in his pants, but Cox understood completely. She described it like the never-ending scarves that clowns pull out of their pockets. "He has that and a thousand things from like a five and dime store," she said.

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