Lily Tomlin Plays Kenny’s Mom On ‘Eastbound & Down’

For all of his character flaws, and there are oh so many of them, Kenny Powers has managed to not completely botch up being a single father just yet on "Eastbound & Down" (Sun., 10 p.m. ET on HBO). Granted, he has plenty of help in the form of Stevie's wife, but by the end of this hour, Stevie had done a solid job of screwing that up.

Back in the picture this week was Kenny's dad Eduardo, played with charm and deviousness simply oozing from his pores by Don Johnson. His end-game this visit is to reconnect with Kenny's mother. He spent the entire episode trying to convince Kenny to call her so he could get her number and address, though why he wants to hook up with her remains to be seen. Does he genuinely just want to get back together with her? Probably not.

Stevie blurting out to his wife that he cheated on her created just the opening Kenny needed. After Kenny tried to compete with Ivan for a 4th of July party that turned into a bust so bad he had to crash Ivan's party and shoot fireworks off inside, he came home dejected and depressed. Eduardo poured on the honey and said he could be the brilliant man he's destined to be if only there was someone he could lean on to help with the baby ... someone like his mother.

And so, weakened and depressed, Kenny called her at the bowling alley, messing up her shot. She let off a stream of profanities Kenny would be proud of, turning to reveal that it's the venerable comic legend Lily Tomlin. This should be fun.

"Eastbound & Down" continues its third and final season Sundays at 10 p.m. ET on HBO.

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