Can You Guess The Celebrity Kids With ‘Normal’ Names? (QUIZ)

Blue Ivy, Pilot Inspektor, Apple ... stars love to get creative when it comes to baby-naming. One could argue that James Van Der Beek's recent choice for his son's name was a more shocking move than Alicia Silverstone posting a video of her pre-chewing baby Bear Blu's food. The man formerly known as Dawson named his little boy ... Joshua. (Unclear whether that's after former costar Joshua Jackson.)

Puzzling as it may be, Van Der Beek isn't the only celeb opting for a "normal" baby name. Just this week, singer Ne-Yo -- whose kids' names are Madilyn and Mason -- said he doesn't like "wacky names" because he wants his children to be respected. Even Snooki said her baby will have a normal (albeit Italian) moniker.

There may be an explanation for this odd behavior. Naming expert and co-founder of, Linda Rosenkrantz says celebrities, like civilians, tend to be more conservative with boy names. "It can also be seen as something of a backlash against the bad rap that celebrities get as being wild, attention-craving baby namers," she says.

So while you may know know that "Blanket" belongs to Michael Jackson and "Moroccan" is one of Mariah Carey's twins, do you know which rock star named his daughter Emily? And who went with Andrew? Take the quiz below and put your celebrity baby name knowledge to the test.

The Heartbreaking Reason Taylor Swift’s Date Can’t Make ACM Awards

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- The New Jersey teen who is fighting cancer and scored a date with Taylor Swift to The Academy of Country Music Awards is in the hospital and won't make the show.

A Facebook post Saturday says 18-year-old Kevin McGuire was admitted to the hospital Friday night and can't keep his date with Swift. It was not clear why McGuire was hospitalized.

USA Today reports that McGuire was taken to Children's Hospital of Philadelphia with a 103-degree fever.

"Just talked to Kevin McGuire," Swift said in a tweet. "He's not well enough to join me at the ACMs. Please keep him in your thoughts. I'll make it up to you, Kevin!"

Swift asked the Somerdale, N.J., resident to Sunday's ACMs after his sister started a campaign to get her to attend his prom. The reigning ACM entertainer of the year couldn't make the prom, but offered to go on the date instead.

His sister Victoria posted this message on the "Taylor Swift take KEVIN MCGUIRE TO PROM!" Facebook page:

"I am so sorry to announce this devastating news, but Kevin was admitted to the hospital last night, and is unable to attend the Academy of Country Music Awards with Taylor Swift. ... We appreciate everything you have done for us, and we know you are all hurt from this too. ... Please continue to pray for Kevin and his health, because that is the most important thing. As for Taylor, she is just as depressed as all of us to miss out on this date, and we are so thankful for the opportunity she has given us."

Back in February, Taylor Swift had taken to her Facebook page to give McGuire a response:

"I've never seen him smile like that," Victoria McGuire had told FOX 29 News.

For more on the story, watch the video report below:

Ray Charles Foundation Sues the Singer’s Children

The Ray Charles Foundation is suing seven of the late singer's children for attempting to obtain copyrights on some of Charles' songs The Wrap reports According to the lawsuit Charles gave each of his children $500000 in 2002 under the condition that they would not seek further inheritance claims on his musical estate...

Is Chevy Chase Quitting ‘Community’?

When the cast of "Community" tweets quotes and anecdotes asking "Pierce or Chevy?," it's not always easy to tell. Just like his "Community" alter ego, Pierce Hawthorne, star Chevy Chase doesn't always know how or when to edit himself.

On the heels of Deadline's report that Chase is in a feud with "Community" creator Dan Harmon -- and the airing of a profanity-laden voicemail Chase left Harmon (warning: very NSFW) after Harmon reportedly called Chase out for storming off the set and then gave him an unfiltered roast at the show's Season 3 wrap party -- here's some more insight into Chase's attitude about the fan-favorite show.

The last time I was on set, right before they wrapped production for Season 3, Chase was even more fired up than usual, going as far as saying, "I have creative issues with this show. I always have," before comparing elements of the show to "being relegated to hell and watching 'Howdy Doody' for the rest of your life." He then added: "I can't stand sitcoms," and declared, "I probably won't be around that much longer, frankly."

With the NBC sitcom still waiting to hear about its fate, and a possible Season 4 pickup that would take it into syndication, Chase's comments are oddly timed and certainly not indicative of how the rest of the "Community" cast and crew feels.

But they could also be the final straw with fans who've put up with Pierce's nonsense, bigotry and flat-out obnoxious behavior for so long because it was a small price to pay for more of the "Community" characters we love. Yes, his anti-TV and anti-"Community" statements might just make every "Community" fan anti-Pierce. And Chevy Chase seems OK with that.

What are you all shooting today? We hear it's another fun flashback episode.
I'm just doing the lines as best I can, doing whatever the director tells me. Apparently my flashback is so odd ... I can't really get a hold of it. On the other hand, if you look at the other actors in the same scene, I don't think they can get a hold of it either.

Do you have more fun playing Pierce the asshole or Pierce the bumbling old guy?
I've never really come to grips with it ... I don't think that anybody has. [Laughs.] Viewers, the writers, me. I think, just by being older, I'm supposed to be more of a curmudgeon.

Would you hang out with Pierce?
No. No! [Laughs.] Why would I? Part of the challenge of being in this is to not be anything like myself. No ... I'm funny. Pierce isn't funny.

But you know guys like Pierce, don't you?
No, I don't. Not that still have their teeth. No. I don't know guys like anybody in this sitcom, frankly. I think that the two white girls -- the two pretty, young girls, Alison [Brie] and Gillian [Jacobs] -- they're probably more like people that we can all understand. There are narcissistic elements to Joel [McHale]'s character, which come easily to him. [Laughs.] I don't think that there's anything that's unrealistic, but do I really know anybody like this? No.

I have creative issues with this show. I always have. With my character, with how far you can take [Joel McHale's] character ... just to give him a long speech about the world at the end of every episode is so reminiscent. It's like being relegated to hell and watching "Howdy Doody" for the rest of your life. It's not particularly necessary, but that's the way they do these things. I think it belies the very pretenses that his character, Jeff, has, that he's giving these talks. They're supposed to, in some way, be a little lesson to people who watch sitcoms ... to that degree, I can't stand sitcoms.

But we all love this show because it's not the typical sitcom.
I'm not really gonna buck you all up a lot and say that this is the one, the one that tells it innovatively. It is what it is. I would like to see it go further. I think, if you know me and my humor over the years, you know that this is certainly not my kind of thing. I probably won't be around that much longer, frankly.

They can go farther, and maybe they will. It basically started off as what a community college might consist of. You might have a guy in his 60s and kids in their 20s -- that's the fact, and what can you do with them? There are many times when this doesn't seem like a community college at all. Particularly this year ... I think we've gone way south. And way north. It doesn't even appear to have anything to do with college. It's got its own secrets that reside in the creator of the show [Dan Harmon]. What does it mean, really? I think you could just as well take these people and put them in a bar every week, and have nothing to do with academics or anything else, and we'd still have the same basic interactions. The community college thing sort of went down the drain this year.

How would you change things, creatively?
I come from a much freer kind of performance thing, where I rely on my own improv and my own sense of humor. I would like to see every actor mine that vein and get in there and just go. And if they're funny, you'll see it -- if they're not, they shouldn't be doing it. I'm saying that I believe that all of these kids that I'm working with have the ability to go somewhere. I've seen it. I've not seen it a lot on this show.

I would say Alison stands out as a comedienne that nobody has seen yet. She's also just a great actress. I've given her my advice, which is, "Don't stay in television doing sitcoms. You're very pretty, you're young and I think that film is where you should be and that you could become a big movie star." Her response was, "I just did two movies." I didn't even know about it [laughs], but I was glad to hear that. I'm only talking as like a father figure. But I think that everybody at this table would agree that she seems to be more of an attraction you'd want to see in film, rather than just steadily in sitcoms until she just gets older and older.

What's wrong with sitcoms? As fans, we like getting to spend time with these characters and actors every week.
If what you do in life is perform to open up eyes and minds, to make people laugh, then it better damn well be new! It shouldn't be just a repetitious 'Hey, I'm still here!' For what purpose? You're getting all this exposure -- I've seen too much exposure of too many people who just stink. That's not what it's about. I don't think I'll be back on this show again, frankly, between you and me. Depends on what happens. We'll see. I think I've already given away about as much as I can as this character. This is the only time I've ever had to act every week in the same clothes and as the same character, and I don't find it particularly enlightening. It's not teaching anybody anything. If I can sneak in and get a laugh here or there, I'll do it, but for the most part, I'm sticking to the script, because that's what I've been asked to do.

OK, so if Pierce is gonna go, how do you think he should be killed off?
I have no idea what'll happen to Pierce. I may well be back next year as a teacher, or as a dean, or as a bum. I don't know. I have no idea what's going to happen to him, but if he were to die, I could think of many funny ways. One would be right in the middle of one of these [interviews].

Well it would've been easy to write Pierce out of the show at the end of last season when he quit the study group and stormed off ...
[Last season], no one had any idea whether I would or wouldn't come back, but who in God's name in this country would care?

We would! We. Are. Fans!

At that point, Chase tried to recover a bit, ending the chat on a more sentimental note. Chase admitted that the show's cast -- almost all of whom he'd called out individually for their talents -- has become like family to him. "That's why I'm here, because of them," he said. "They are my friends. They have become my family. I'm out here in this incredibly intellectual land of L.A., and thank God at least I have this family. I'm a New Yorker, and I live in the country. What this is is business. Thank God I have the right friends."

Although we're guessing after listening to that harsh voicemail that he's not counting Harmon in his "family."

What do you think, "Community" fans: Would you be sad or relieved to see Chevy Chase/Pierce Hawthorne go?

See the fates of all your favorite shows here:

WATCH: Favorite Celebrity Slime Moments

Celebrities attending Saturday's 25th annual Kids' Choices Awards should start getting nervous. Really nervous. While awards are presented during the kid-friendly Nickelodeon show, fans really just want to see the slime.

From Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's double slime to Katy Perry's shocking green surprise, it's always fun to see stars -- especially those always looking their best -- get covered in that bright, sticky, Nickelodeon-signature goo.

We've rounded up some of our favorite KCA slime moments below to get you ready for tonight's show, which kicks off on Nickelodeon at 8 p.m.


Joe Jackson Pays Tribute To Duke Ellington

He may be best known for such pop hits as "Is She Really Going Out with Him?" and "Steppin' Out" but Joe Jackson holds a deep admiration for legendary big band leader/songwriter/pianist Duke Ellington And on his upcoming release The Duke (due out June 26th via Razor & Tie) Jackson reworks...

Zac Efron: I Hate Being Known As A ‘Heartthrob’

He may have won over many young fans thanks to his "High School Musical" role, but these days Zac Efron doesn't love being known as a "heart throb." The actor, who stars in the upcoming film, "The Lucky One," talked to "CBS Sunday Morning" correspondent Tracy Smith about being in the spotlight.

"I can't explain to you what it's like to be a heartthrob. I don't think I am a heartthrob," he said in the interview.

When asked what he thinks of the term, Efron didn't hold back.

"I hate it," he said. "It follows you around, but you don't deserve it."

While Efron may not think he's deserving of the term, we have a feeling many people out there would disagree. In fact, he can't seem to escape dating rumors that constantly link him to Taylor Swift and "Mirror Mirror" star Lily Collins.

Maybe if he stops being so charming during promotional appearances and quits singing The Beach Boys songs with Conan O'Brien, he can start living down his "heart throb" label.

Efron's full interview with "CBS Sunday Morning" airs Sunday, April 1.

Check out some flashback photos of Efron below:

Kids Choice Awards Preview

At the 25th annual Kids' Choice Awards, the slime runneth over.

Host Will Smith opened the 25th annual Kids' Choice Awards promising a record amount of the show's trademark green gunk. Though some 20 awards are presented at the KCAs, the real suspense isn't who will take home a "Blimp" (the show's Oscar), it's when and on whom the slime will spill.

It's like a baptism into kid-dome that can come at any moment: from a hidden bucket, dumped from the rafters or exploded from little orange blimps.

"No one is safe from the slime!" screamed Smith. "You have to earn the slime! It's an honor."

Halle Berry was the first to be covered, but she was far from alone. She was joined by "Twilight" star Taylor Lautner (who won favorite "buttkicker"), "Glee" star Chris Colfer and male singer winner Justin Bieber, who was utterly drenched along with Smith at the end of the show.

The KCAs are Nickelodeon's annual celebration for kids, and it's often the most-watched children's program of the year. They draw a considerable roster of stars looking to thank their smallest fans and cater to their youngest demographics.

"This is, like, the coolest award show ever," said "Twilight" star Kristen Stewart, accepting the award for favorite movie actress.

Smith, himself a 10-time Blimp winner, started the show with an elaborate, digitally-animated skydive from Nickelodeon's trademark blimp. Smith was then hoisted from the rafters to the stage of the Galen Center at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, where thousands of glow-stick waving fans cheered him – including first lady Michelle Obama.

Obama later presented "the big help" award for charity work to Taylor Swift. Upon receiving the award, the pop star said, "I am freaking out."

Nickelodeon introduces many kid-friendly quirks to the usual award show festivities. It rolls out an orange carpet, rather than a red one, and envelopes are the last way winners are announced. Saturday night's choices came by way of a sword eater, a statue impersonator and giant heads held aloft from the crowd.

Winners are chosen from voting online. Selena Gomez won for both favorite TV actress and female singer. Adam Sandler took home the award for favorite movie actor. And Katy Perry, shortly after performing, was given the award for favorite voice in an animated movie for "Smurfs."

"The only reason why I'm still here today – and remember this – is because I've never grown up!" Perry told the young audience.

More than 7.3 million watched last year's awards. This year, Nickelodeon badly needs the KCAs to continue such a success. In March, for the first time, the Disney Channel beat out Nickelodeon in average total daily viewers – a title Nickelodeon had held every month since 1995.

Nickelodeon's own series "Victorious" won best TV show. Jake Short, star of the Disney Channel's "A.N.T. Farm," won best TV actor.

But the most ceremonious moment of the KCAs is the slimey finale. The honor – which Smith said had been chosen by online votes – went to Bieber, who made a surprise appearance late in the show. Smith clutched Bieber as fountains of slime poured out across the stage, while Obama – splattered by a few drops – danced in the seats.



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