Jewish Reggae Star Performs Inspiring Duet With Boy Battling Cancer

When Luke Weber joined Matisyahu on stage to sing "One Day" -- a song that calls for hope -- he brought the lyrics to life.

Luke is fighting cancer and for a chance at childhood. Chai Lifeline, an organization that offers programs and financial support to children battling life-threatening diseases, helped Luke in his fight when it made one of his biggest dreams come true.

The organization arranged for Luke to join Matisyahu on stage at the Tarrytown Music Hall in New York on Thursday to sing one of the star’s biggest hits, "One Day."

"Sometimes in my tears I drown/but I never let it get me down," Luke sang to a cheering audience. "So when negativity surrounds/I know some day it'll all turn around."

Luke's parents credit Chai Lifeline with giving their son a chance to feel like a regular kid.

"They continue to amaze me,” Luke's mom, Eliza, told "It is because of them that Luke is not a victim of cancer. He is the happiest, most cup-half-full kid we know."

Feeling inspired? Learn how you get involved with Chai Lifeline here.