Matt Damon Will Probably Play Jason Bourne Again After All

Matt Damon will return to play Jason Bourne after all. According to, Damon and "Bourne Ultimatum" director Paul Greengrass are set to reunite for another Bourne movie, the duo's third and the franchise's fifth overall. Universal would release this new Bourne film on July 16, 2016, a date the studio previously held for Justin Lin's "Bourne Legacy" sequel with Jeremy Renner in the non-Bourne starring role.

HuffPost Entertainment contacted representatives for Damon and Greengrass. This post will be updated if and when they respond.

That Damon and Greengrass would come together again for the popular franchise is not a total surprise. Since "The Bourne Ultimatum" was released in 2007, Damon has often talked about how much he enjoyed playing the character and how he would do it again if the story made sense.

"I've always been open to it if Paul Greengrass is the director," Damon said to CNBC in May of this year. "We've just never been able to come up with a story. So, if any of your viewers have a story, please call Universal and submit it."

Indeed, the plot for another Bourne film has been a roadblock for Damon for quite some time.

"If you really look at the mythology of the character, we would have to figure out some reason to get him going again," Damon said to HuffPost Entertainment in July of 2012. "Because he is a guy who walked away from everything, so we just have to solve that. And Paul and I haven't been able to do it. And we really wanted to make another one; we almost were making one a couple of years ago -- and then we just couldn't crack it. Because the second we said that we'd do it, they would announce a release date and then we would be making the movie. That happened to us on the last one. We did not have a script and we had a release date. And that was just harrowing."

Damon has discussed his displeasure with the script for "Bourne Ultimatum" in the past, telling GQ that the film "took years" off his life because Tony Gilroy's screenplay wasn't completed before the film's production began. Gilroy wrote and directed "The Bourne Legacy," which focused on Renner's Aaron Cross and included events that happened in "The Bourne Ultimatum," albeit told from a different vantage point. That, too, posed a potential problem for Damon, who said in a 2012 interview with Indiewire's The Playlist that "The Bourne Legacy" would make a new Jason Bourne movie "harder" to make.

"I don't think we can do the 'Dallas' it-was-all-a-dream scenario," Damon said in a separate 2012 interview with Movieline. "I don't think the audience would go for that after they paid money to see a movie."

And yet rumors about Damon's Bourne return have circulated for the better part of the last 13 months. In August of 2013, Twitch Film reported that Universal was discussing the franchise with Damon and Greengrass. That story was soon debunked by Universal, but a similar report sprang up again in July of this year. At that time, Latino Review noted that Damon and Greengrass would reconnect for the untitled film. It looks like all those intrepid reporters were onto something.

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Lindsay Lohan Did Not Handle Whitney Houston’s Body Bag, Says Coroner

Has Lindsay Lohan been caught in a lie once again?

In an interview with the Telegraph this past weekend, Lohan described her court-ordered work at the Los Angeles County Morgue as "f’d up and inappropriate," telling the U.K. paper:

[B]ecause a lot of other people were meant to do it, and they were like: 'No, they can’t handle it. Lohan can.’ It’s different for me than it would be for other people –- like, no one would really have to work at the morgue in L.A. and roll a body bag for Whitney Houston.

While Lohan was in fact still working at the morgue when Houston died on Feb. 11, 2012, an official for the Los Angeles Coroner’s Office denied claims that she had handled the late singer's body.

An official told TMZ that Houston was never in a body bag and no one in the probation program ever came in contact with her body.

HuffPost Entertainment's request for comment from Lohan's rep has yet to be returned at this time.

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Robin Thicke Reportedly Admits To Drug Use, Lying During ‘Blurred Lines’ Deposition (UPDATE)

UPDATE: Robin Thicke's camp gave HuffPost Entertainment a statement on the depositions obtained by The Hollywood Reporter. On behalf of Thicke, Howard King, attorney at King, Holmes, Paterno & Berliner said, “Robin's moment of personal vulnerability is being exploited in the hope of diverting attention from the obvious weakness of their legal claim.”

EARLIER: It's not a good year to be Robin Thicke. The success of "Blurred Lines" didn't last long and the song quickly went from topping the charts to being a controversial punchline. Now, Thicke and Pharrell Williams, who produced the song, are engaged in a lawsuit with Marvin Gaye's children, who claim the song is a rip-off of Gaye's 1977 hit, "Got To Give It Up."

Most of the documents are sealed, but The Hollywood Reporter has obtained Thicke and Williams' depositions from April, which contain bizarre revelations about "Blurred Lines." For one, Thicke admitted that he didn't write the song. "I was jealous and I wanted some of the credit," he said under oath. "I tried to take credit for it later because (Williams) wrote the whole thing pretty much by himself and I was envious of that."

Thicke also said that he had been high for most of his studio time. "I was high on vicodin and alcohol when I showed up at the studio," he said. "So my recollection is when we made the song, I thought I wanted — I — I wanted to be more involved than I actually was by the time, nine months later, it became a huge hit and I wanted credit." He later gave Williams all his due credit, "The reality is, is that Pharrell had the beat and he wrote almost every single part of the song."

This "Blurred Lines" creation story differs greatly from the one Thicke touted when the song first came out. He once told GQ that he and Pharrell listened to Gaye's "Got To Give It Up" as inspiration. "I hopped in the booth and the rest just came flying out," he said in an interview with Fuse.

When asked about the GQ interview during the deposition, he said," With all due respect, I was high and drunk every time I did an interview last year. Every day, I woke up, I would take a Vicodin to start the day and then I would fill up a water bottle with vodka and drink it before and during my interviews." Thicke testified that he quit the painkillers, but still drinks alcohol. The case is set for a February 2015 trial. HuffPost Entertainment contacted a representative for Thicke to confirm the quotes he made in the deposition. This post will be updated if and when they respond.

See the full depositions over at THR.
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Police Allegedly Mistake Black Actress Kissing White Partner For A Prostitute

"Django Unchained" star Daniele Watts claims she was unlawfully detained by police Thursday after they saw her kissing her white boyfriend in a car and allegedly mistook her for a prostitute.

In a Facebook post dated Sept. 11, Watts wrote that she was "handcuffed and detained" by two Studio City police officers in Los Angeles that day after refusing to show her ID.

Here's how Watts describes the alleged incident on Facebook:

Today I was handcuffed and detained by 2 police officers from the Studio City Police Department after refusing to agree that I had done something wrong by showing affection, fully clothed, in a public place.

When the officer arrived, I was standing on the sidewalk by a tree. I was talking to my father on my cell phone. I knew that I had done nothing wrong, that I wasn’t harming anyone, so I walked away.

A few minutes later, I was still talking to my dad when 2 different police officers accosted me and forced me into handcuffs.

Watts, who plays Martin Lawrence's daughter on the FX show "Partners" and has also appeared on "Weeds" and "How I Met Your Mother," says the incident reminded her of her father's experiences with racial profiling.

"As I was sitting in the back of the police car, I remembered the countless times my father came home frustrated or humiliated by the cops when he had done nothing wrong. I felt his shame, his anger, and my own feelings of frustration for existing in a world where I have allowed myself to believe that 'authority figures' could control my BEING… my ability to BE!!!!!!!" she wrote on Facebook.

Watts' boyfriend, celebrity chef Brian James Lucas, shared a similar account of the incident. Lucas clarified with Buzzfeed, however, that the police never explicitly called Watts a prostitute. Instead, he said, the officers repeatedly questioned if Lucas "really knew" Watts and made other comments filled with "innuendo.”

In a Sept. 11 Facebook post, Lucas wrote: "From the questions that he asked me as D was already on her phone with her dad, I could tell that whoever called on us (including the officers), saw a tatted RAWKer white boy and a hot bootie shorted black girl and thought we were a HO (prostitute) & a TRICK (client)."

Watts was released from police custody shortly after being put in the back of the police car. It appears, however, that she did not leave unscathed. A photo on Lucas' Facebook shows cuts on Watts' skin allegedly left from the handcuffs.

Buzzfeed reports that the LAPD claimed not to have a record of the incident, which the police department said is not unusual in police encounters where no arrests are made.

Though Watts and Lucas were deeply affected by the incident, they both took the opportunity to show their resilience and optimism.

"Today I exist with courage, knowing that I am blessed to have experienced what I did today. All of those feelings, no matter how uncomfortable. These feelings are what builds my internal strength, my ability to grow through WHATEVER may happen to me," Watts wrote on Facebook.

According to the celebrity news site The YBF, the couple is in contact with lawyers, the ACLU and the NAACP about the incident.
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Josh Hutcherson Says Jennifer Lawrence Photo Leak Is ‘F-cking Horrible,’ Defends Privacy

Josh Hutcherson may have been at the Toronto International Film Festival to promote his new movie, "Escobar: Paradise Lost," but he seemed much more passionate about addressing Jennifer Lawrence's leaked photos scandal.

In talking with multiple outlets about the presumed iCloud hack, Hutcherson came to his good friend and "Hunger Games" co-star's defense, denouncing the public's reaction and expressing utter disgust at Lawrence's breach of privacy.

"It's fuckin' horrible. I haven't spoken to her since it happened, but as far as the public, Twitter, and media have reacted, it's awful," Hutcherson told the Daily Beast.

"We act because it's what we want to do," he added. "I've acted since I was 9 years old because it's my job, it's what I'm good at, and it's what I love to do. I don't want attention. I don't want to have my private life looked into or have people think they deserve to know about my private life. And then people say, 'Well, then you shouldn't have become an actor.' Fuck that. I didn't choose all that. I chose to be an actor. I was 9 years old! Do you think a 9-year-old is thinking about public scandal? I wanted to make movies."

The actor, 21, voiced a similar sentiment when talking with ET Canada, telling the outlet: "I just think all that stuff is so ridiculous. We're people too man, we just want to live, we want to be normal people, it's not fair."

To the Toronto Star, Hutcherson reinforced: "You have a certain public recognition and whatnot. But it's not about having your private life literally looked into and stolen from you. Becoming an actor shouldn't mean that you have to deal with being stalked."

Lawrence herself has yet to respond to the private photos leak, which Kate Upton, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Kirsten Dunst and dozens of other female celebrities were subject to.

"This is a flagrant violation of privacy," a spokesperson for Lawrence said. "The authorities have been contacted and will prosecute anyone who posts the stolen photos of Jennifer Lawrence."

Hutcherson was himself a victim of an alleged nude photo hack last summer.
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Courtney Love Is The Latest Singer To Get The Isolated-Vocals Treatment

Continuing the Internet's obsession with isolating singers' vocal tracks, Courtney Love is the latest performer to see a YouTube video spotlight her apparently iffy live vocals.

J.M. Ladd was hired in 2010 to film shows during New York Fashion Week, but, according to his description of the video, nobody wanted the footage. One of those concerts was Hole, whose "Celebrity Skin" performance is now the subject of the isolated-vocals treatment. Ladd ensures it is no phony. “Whether you think she's the worst or this just makes her all the more 'punk rock' is for you to decide," he wrote. "I'm merely presenting the facts as they are. Make of them what you will.”

HuffPost Entertainment contacted Love's rep to see if the singer has any remarks about the video. The request wasn't immediately returned, but if Love is looking for any guidance, she'll find good company in Britney Spears, Taylor Swift and Beyoncé.

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Why The Internet Thinks Taylor Swift’s Song ‘Bad Blood’ Is About Katy Perry

Ain't no drama like T. Swift drama cause the T. Swift drama don't stop.

As cover star of Rolling Stone's September issue, Taylor Swift told the magazine that "Bad Blood," a track off her upcoming album "1989," is aimed at a fellow pop star. Since then, the Internet has run wild with speculation: who in the depths of Hollywood could be, as she put it, "straight-up enemies" with T. Swift?

Though everyone from Miley Cyrus to Carrie Underwood is considered a possible frenemy, the World Wide Web seems to focus its investigation on one prime suspect: Katy Perry.

Why? Some have taken the easy route and pointed out that, helllloooooo, they have an ex-boyfriend in common:

john mayer katy perry

taylor swift john mayer

But, not so fast, y'all: Swift already ruled that issue out.

"And it wasn't even about a guy!" she told Rolling Stone. "It had to do with business. She basically tried to sabotage an entire arena tour. She tried to hire a bunch of people out from under me."

Hmmm. Others have pointed out that, according to an article in the Examiner from December 2013, three of Swift's backup dancers left mid-tour to join Katy Perry's troupe.

"I was with Taylor for the first six months,'' backup dancer John Brownlie told the Examiner. "It was a great experience and she's a great person to work with, but then Katy contacted us.''

Brownlie, who had previously toured with Perry on her California Dreams world tour, told the Examiner, "Obviously we were with Katy for two and a half years. She's like family to us, so we were, like, 'absolutely.'"

"We weren't really dancing in Taylor's tour anyway so I had got a little bored and I really wanted to do a promo tour,'' he added.

Interesting, very interesting.

Perhaps the most damning piece of evidence in the Swift v. Perry case is a tweet that suggests even Katy Perry thinks "Bad Blood" is about Katy Perry:

... And also proves that Katy Perry likes making "Mean Girls" references. Woo!

Still, rumors are rumors, and until Swift comes out and dedicates her song to Miss Perry, the jury is out on this one.

For now, let's just look at photos of Swift and Perry together, which, in retrospect, are pretty awkward:

2008: Swift, Perry and Miley Cyrus, so happy together on the VMAs Red Carpet.

katy perry taylor swift

2009: Here they are again at the Grammys. (Side note: Was this trio a thing?)

katy perry taylor swift

2010: Just goofin' off at the Grammys again:

katy perry taylor swift

2011: Awkwardness is in the air at the American Music Awards.

katy perry taylor swift

2013: Then there's this. A handshake?! Y'all went from hugging and silly faces to this?

katy perry taylor swift
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Celebs Rally For Teen With Autism Who Was Doused With Feces In Cruel Ice Bucket Prank

A rallying cry for justice has sparked support from Hollywood after one unsuspecting teen was the victim of an appalling act orchestrated by peers.

Last week, Police Chief Mark Spaetzel of Bay Village, Ohio, said his team is looking into a "reprehensible" video of area teenagers dumping feces, urine and spit onto a 15-year-old who has autism, reported. The parents of the teen, whose last names have not been disclosed for the sake of privacy, said their son believed he was participating in the ALS ice bucket challenge.

As outrage over the incident gained traction nationally, Drew Carey threw his support behind local police efforts to find the perpetrators by offering to donate a $10,000 reward. Newlyweds Jenny McCarthy and Donnie Wahlberg then pledged on Twitter to each match Carey's $10,000 commitment, while Montel Williams wrote on Facebook that he's also willing to make a donation.

"This has to stop," Williams wrote on his Facebook page, mentioning he'd donate, but would rather speak out against bullying at the Ohio high school where students were involved. "Our kids see what we do, what we say. It's no wonder in a country this polarized things like this happen."

Carey also tweeted on Sunday that he plans to start an online fundraising campaign.

The Bay Village community united in protest after the incident, holding an anti-bullying rally on Sept. 5, according to News Net 5 in Cleveland. Supporters held signs reading messages such as, "Respect for all is a Bay Village value," and, "We stand beside you."

Jim Sammon, who was raised in the area, participated in the rally to ensure his community stood on the side of justice.

"Seeing this in Bay is very telling," Sammon told News Net 5. "It's sad, it's pathetic, it's horrific and I wanted to come out to make sure that the community that I used to belong to and I grew up in is still the same community."

The teen's mother, Diane, discovered the clip of the incident on her son's cell phone last week. She requested Fox 8 News in Cleveland air the footage to garner support for justice.

"To see how many other parents are just as angry as we are, as if it happened to their own child, means a lot to know that there are so many people behind us," Diane told the news source.

The Bay Village police released a statement on Sept. 5 explaining Diane had reported the act against her son a few days prior. The department assured the community that it's working closely with public schools, analyzing the teen's phone (which was used to record the video) and interviewing witnesses to identify those involved in the act.

"As parents and those with friends who have children with autism, we are appalled by the actions of the youth involved in the assault on this young man," the statement reads. "It is sad and disheartening to see this type of behavior from our youth. Those involved will be held accountable for their actions."

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21 Excellent Reactions To The Royal Baby News

Following the news that the Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William are expecting their second child, royal super-fans, ordinary plebeians, and even public figures are sharing their thoughts and questions about the announcement on Twitter.

The reactions to the #royalbaby news include a "Frozen" reference, and of course, confusion about which royal we're really talking about -- Kate or Beyonce?

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Ellen Burstyn’s ‘Bizarre’ Decade: An Oscar For Her, Mental Institutions For Her Husband

The '70s were an undoubtedly fruitful decade for actress Ellen Burstyn, filled with critical accolades and Oscar nominations (and a win for "Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore"). But behind closed doors, the "Exorcist" and "Last Picture Show" star was experiencing drama of a very different kind, tending to her husband Neal Burstyn as he spiraled into the depths of mental illness.

Burstyn discussed the tumultuous period during an interview with HuffPost Live's Ricky Camilleri about her new film "Draft Day" and her upcoming directorial debut "Bathing Flo."

"It was a weird time because my work is important to me. It's what I do well in life. I feel like I came in with that gift, and I feel some responsibility to developing a gift that I was given, so I've studied hard and I've worked hard and I love my work," she said. "But at the same time all of that was happening, I was going through a difficult time with my husband, who was schizophrenic and psychotic. So I was spending a lot of time in and out of mental institutions with him. It was both a wonderful time and a difficult time."

Burstyn, then 40, kept much of her personal life private at the time, only disclosing these hardships in her 2007 memoir Lessons in Becoming Myself. According to her book, Burstyn's husband stalked her for six years following their 1972 divorce, and, at one point, broke into her home and proceeded to rape her. In 1978, he committed suicide.

"It was bizarre," she recalled. "It was pretty strange, because my personal life was so traumatic and my public life was so fortunate that it was a strange contrast to be able to juggle."

Watch the rest of Ellen Burstyn's conversation with HuffPost Live here.

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